February 17, 2023 at 5:58 pm

You Get One Billion Dollars if You Can Eat 15,000 Calories in a Day. How Do You Get There?

by Matthew Gilligan

Ugh, just the thought of this hypothetical experiment gives me the willies…and makes my stomach hurt…


Well, that’s a different story.

Let’s see how AskReddit users say they could pull this epic feat off.

1. Drink it up!

“The trick is not too eat the calories but to drink them. Creating or buying 2500+ calorie milkshakes is shockingly and disgustingly easy.

Most of us could relatively comfortably drink 5-6 of these for this , this is certainly the easiest cop out way to achieve this.”

2. Yuck.

“Drink 2/3 cups of heavy cream every hour per over 24 hours.

Avoid a lot of issues with the intake

And is just over 15,000 calories.”

3. Here we go!

“So take 1.5 kilos of macadamia nuts (10770), blend with 200 grams of avocado oil (1768) and a kilo of heavy cream (3450).

Flavor as desired, drink 400 grams every two hours. Possibly lace one with some laxative a couple hours in.”

4. Get up early for this.

“Well,  I’m waking up at 12:00 AM, that’s for sure.

And then it’s gonna be fast food, milkshakes, cheesecake, pizza, etc.”

5. Shouldn’t be hard…

“Full fat ice Cream and custard. Not Frozen custard, the liquid Christmas treat made with eggs and cream.

Shouldn’t be hard to get to 15,000. With a little effort, you could get it done in 8 or 10 hours.”

6. Hit the buffet.

“Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at just about any Vegas buffet.

Actually, I’ve had some days that make me think someone already owes me $1 billion.”

7. You got this.

“Liquid calories.

As someone who works out a lot and has to bulk up I pretty much rely on protein shakes.

I can’t force myself to eat solid foods but I can force myself to drink a liquid.”

8. The menu.

“One piece of chocolate cake

One ice-cream

One pickle

One slice of cheese

One slice of salami

One lollipop

One piece of cherry pie

One sausage

One cupcake

One slice of watermelon

I’ve been reading a lot of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I feel like that should do it.”

9. No big deal.

“Really not that hard if you are allowed the full 24 hours.

High calorie drinks and super processed foods that are engineered to keep you eating.”

10. God bless nachos.

“Nachos with chicken is the highest calorie item (i think). Almost 3000 calories.

Might need to add in some high calorie liquids, and cheesecake of course.”

11. I’m gonna be sick.

“Eat at the Cheesecake Factory for all three meals plus desserts and you’ll be good.”

12. Stack it up.

“One triple stacker king from Burger King every two hours right over 15,000 calories in one day and easily obtainable.”

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