March 4, 2023 at 12:58 pm

26 Married People Who Are Absolutely Hilarious

by Trisha Leigh

There’s no one right way to be married, or to stay married, but I think most people who are doing it would tell you that being able to laugh at yourself or the situation is up there as far as hacks.

And if that’s true, these 26 people are going to stay married for a long, long time.

26. I’m on the wife’s side here.

Sorry not sorry.

25. He’s giving you permission.

You’ve gotta jump on that.

24. Finally.

He’s been trying to get fired for a long time.

23. Seriously why can’t they see anything?

Is blindness in their DNA?

22. We know how to do it.

We just don’t want to.

21. Don’t do it.

You’re just going to regret it.

20. It’s untenable.

And yet so many of us are living it.

19. He should realize by now.

Also that he definitely wants that gold star.

18. I mean how dare he.

We’re brilliant in our heads!

17. That’s a lot of people’s favorite shade.

Why is it so hard to choose??

16. The information we all need.

It’s pertinent to the decision making process.

15. Asking the important questions.

And then deciding who is going to check.

14. Amateur.

A pint is the serving size.

13. It’s the only way.

But seriously, choose another path.

12. True love.

It’s not EVERY night, though. Hopefully.


So many things slip our attention.

10. There’s no right answer.

You do you, boo.

9. Why is he even there?

That’s going to show up on his performance review.

8. Why is this so real, though?

I can’t stop giggling.

7. Or just because they’re a pig.

Just me?

6. Like being back in your parents’ house.

I don’t know whether or not that’s a good thing.

5. It’s going to ruin his recommendations.


4. Break out the booze.

It’ll happen twice as fast.

3. There are so many options.

All provided by people attempting to live together.

2. That joke isn’t funny anymore.

Ask me how I know.

1. Adorable, isn’t it?

You can’t convince me otherwise.

These are hilarious.

I can only hope to be married to someone this funny, and so can you. Ha!

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