March 24, 2023 at 2:33 pm

AI Creates Perhaps the Creepiest Sign Language Manual Ever

by Ashley Dreiling

To date, artificial intelligence (AI) has been successfully used in the fields of personalized shopping, fraud prevention, content generation, and many more. Despite these wins, technology continues to struggle with human images, specifically teeth and hands.

Sign language featured image AI Creates Perhaps the Creepiest Sign Language Manual Ever

Photo Credit: Pexels

Today, we’ll discuss hands and fingers. You can imagine the Twitter uproar at the sight of an AI-generated sign language manual. Mobile games creative director Elizabeth Sampat uses the nightmarish digits to reassure the world that robots won’t be taking over just yet.

Artificial intelligence is very good at recognizing and replicating those patterns, which is a liability when it comes to the complex features of hands and fingers. Even live humans find drawing hands to be incredibly difficult.

“Due to the complex geometry of hands, there is no standard set of lines or shapes that AI can recognize as a hand,” designer and AI expert, Jim Nightingale, explained in a blog post. “In order to generate realistic hands, AI needs to collate multiple different shapes and arrangements. There are about 30 points of geometric divergences in the human hand, from finger length and width to the metacarpals and wrist joints.”

Perhaps instead of fearing these shape-challenged bots, we should help them. Maybe by joining forces, we’ll create more jobs, or at the very least, we can stop the dissemination of mouths crammed with teeth and fingers that don’t spontaneously split and replicate.

twistedsifter on facebook AI Creates Perhaps the Creepiest Sign Language Manual Ever