March 3, 2023 at 6:28 pm

What Famous Person Basically Canceled Themself Because They Wouldn’t Stop Doing Bad Things? People Responded.

by Matthew Gilligan

It can be hard to see a public person self-destruct in the spotlight…

One name that comes to mind is Andy Dick.

It seems like that guy just can’t stay out of trouble…and I’m sure his career is suffering in a major way because of that.

What famous person basically canceled themself because they can’t stay out of trouble?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Blew it.

“Anthony Weiner.

The absolute jacka** loses his job (as a member of Congress) because he sends d**k pics to someone not his wife and a minor.

On the campaign trail for Mayor of New York, he does it again…and gets caught again. Because he’s a moron.”

2. Maniac.

“Azealia Banks.

She was projected to be the next big female rap name in the early 2010s after her 212 song exploded, and her EP received widespread acclaim, getting universal praise for her lyricism and style.

But the woman is a literal sociopath, Rihanna was ready to take her under her wing and she completely sabotaged that relationship so fast. Chick is a maniac.”

3. Action star.

“Steven Seagal.

Was an jerk on the sets of the most dreadful B-movies and he still supports Putin and his weird propaganda about Ukraine.”

4. Off the deep end.

“Kanye West.

He went off the deep end so fast it’s staggering.

It was like ruining his legacy was his full-time job.”

5. Bad reputation.

“Chevy Chase.

Real effort behind this one.

That guy has put decades of work into cancelling himself.”

6. Clown.

“Rudy Giuliani.

I’m a native NY’er and I was living there on 9/11.

He handled himself and the whole horrible situation beautifully and I really respected him but then he just went off the rails and tarnished his reputation.

He will never be taken seriously again.”

7. Down the tubes.

“Armie Hammer.

Fetish shamed and couldnt stop talking about it to potential partners.”

8. Kind of sad.

“Pauly Shore.

Saw him at the end at a comedy club in Jacksonville, FL years ago.

No one laughed and he just complained about his life the whole time.”

9. Hmmmm…

“Kid Rock.

All he had to do was show up to his concerts and perform, but noooo he decided to specialize in political rants on stage.

He’s Kid Rock. His IQ is the temperature in Fahrenheit of a hypothermic.”

10. Idiot.

“Graham Linehan – creator of The IT Crowd and Father Ted.

He ruined his career, his wife left him, and he basically went broke all because he is obsessed with “proving” that trans women aren’t women.

Someone did a breakdown and found that he tweeted once every 12 minutes about it. He calls himself the defender of women. It’s like – why do you care so much, man? An absolute idiot.”

11. Extreme.

“Kevin Sorbo.

Lucy Lawless is an icon and Kevin is a laughingstock because he can’t help himself from being the most extreme bigot and religious zealot.”

12. A mess.

“Bam Margera.

This one’s just sad. I hope he can finally get sober at some point. I loved CKY.

Last I heard he was basically under a conservatorship with no control over his life.”

13. Crazy.

“J.K Rowling.

That woman was one of the most adored authors of our current times. People had nothing put praise for her work, even the few detractors she had, were quickly silenced by the overwhelming majority.

There were eveen freaking studies of how much Harry Potter rekindled the desire for books and reading on several parts of the world.

Its kinda mind boggling how incredibly influential her and her work have been.

And she could have stayed that way have she just not decided to go on a “Crusade” online that is at this point honestly embarrassing.

Now? She is more like the crazy old lady of neighborhood constantly complaining about something or other.”

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