Mar 2, 2023

What Screams “I Peaked in High School”? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Oh, boy, this might be a depressing article…

Because we’re about to hear from folks on AskReddit about behavior that makes them think someone peaked in high school.

And you know people like this, my friends…

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Kind of sad.

“A girl I went to high school with has posted pictures on Facebook MULTIPLE TIMES of herself trying on her old cheerleading uniform to show that it still fits.

We’re in our late-30s/early-40s.”

2. Yuck.

“I used to work with a guy who was very muscular, very masculine, and made sure everyone was aware of those things about him.

One day, I was sitting next to him in the break room, and he started to tell me, unprompted as always, about how he went to attend an award ceremony for his son who won something regarding his football performance.

I said, ‘Well, that was nice of you to go and support him!’ and he responded, ‘Nice? It was sad, man. That used to be me. Now, I’m the old guy in the room who has to watch someone else win something I should have had.’

All I could think was what a loser. … He couldn’t just be proud of his son?!”

3. LOL.

“When under ‘College/University’ in their Facebook profile, it says, ‘School of Hard Knocks.'”

4. Oh my…

“I had a conversation in a bar with a drinking buddy years ago where he kept going on about ‘the one that got away.’

He said how perfect she was and how great their chemistry was, how he hasn’t felt that way about any girl since, yadda yadda. He was feeling pretty sorry for himself and uninterested in meeting anyone else because they could never compare.

When I asked how long ago it was that she moved away, he said ‘eighth grade.’ LMFAO!”

5. Get over it.

“My ex-stepmother constantly bragged about being a cheerleader in high school and winning a beauty walk (in a town of, like, 500 people).

She was still bragging about these the last time I saw her, and she was in her mid-40s.”

6. She knew.

“When they say, ‘It doesn’t get better once you grow up.'”

“I told a substitute teacher at my school that people told me this all the time, and she said the only people who say that are the ones who peaked in high school.

I miss her every day.”

7. I bet he regrets that one.

“One guy I knew literally got our school emblem and mascot and a huge ‘CLASS OF 2010’ tattooed on his shoulder.”

8. Avoid them.

“Cheer moms. I think being on the squad in high school is fine because it’s an extracurricular, but the whole cliquey cheer mom thing screams high school to me — I’m glad my daughter isn’t interested.”

9. Remember that one time?

“When people regularly repost the same picture of their one notable moment they had in high school.”

10. What could have been…

“They keep insisting for the next 30 years that they would have taken State if coach would have put them in the game.”

11. Time to move on.

“Constantly posting ‘throwbacks’ and their senior pictures.

That and sharing Facebook memories consistently, or putting Snapchat memories of high school on their story.”

12. Wasn’t that a while ago?

“Talking about your IQ and Advanced Placement classes when you, umm…did nothing afterwards.

Like, you’re 48 and you’re still talking about being in Honors English? That was a minute ago, friend.”

13. Yup.

“Whenever anyone asks whether or not YOU were popular in high school, THEY clearly peaked in high school.”

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