April 8, 2023 at 12:56 pm

Men Share The Thing That Turns Them Off A Woman’s Dating Profile

by Trisha Leigh

Online dating is pretty common these days. I feel like it might even be the way most people meet, even if it’s not the place they end up meeting a long-term partner or spouse.

So if you’re curious how others see your profile, here are 17 men sounding off about what they see on a woman’s profile that makes them say nope.

17. Still a red flag.

Five consecutive group photos with absolutely no clear direction on which one person is the common thread.

“I’m the one with the boobs” lol. Great. All 5 of yall have them. I mean sometimes it’s obvious but still a red flag.

16. All too common.

If they say “I don’t contact first” on Bumble.

Haha what? Do they not understand how Bumble works?

15. Follow the rabbit hole.

“Im not here often, DM me on insta”

That’s literally a scam profile. Follow that rabbit hole and you will be mailing apple gift cards to India.

14. It just screams.

Instagram handle that screams i just want you to see my insta page and make me an influencer… i think half of tinder is that

13. Sadly.

“My kid comes first!”

Usually a sign that their kid does not, in fact, come first for them sadly

12. A couple of things.

When it’s 2-3 of the same people in every single picture and I have no idea who she is. That level of obliviousness is so unattractive.

Disturbingly obvious filters.

11. Too much work.

“you better be able to hold a conversation” Then my back hurts as I proceed to carry the whole conversation.

I’ll ask them lots of questions and they never ask me one back.

“What do you do for work”


“Do you enjoy it? What do you do in your free time?”

“Yeah it’s okay and I like kayaking.”

“Have you kayaked long?”

“Yes. Six years”

“Oh cool, do you do it as a group or solo”

“On my own mostly”

“That sounds fun. Is that local or do you travel for it?”


10. A quick swipe away.

“Don’t talk to me unless xyz.”

As soon as I see first four words, I swipe left/click away. This applies to same-sex dating as well.

quick e2a: Also, “Education: School of Hard Knocks” or “the streets”.

9. Zero birds.

I remember a profile like this, saying “don’t just say hey”. She referenced something about birds on her profile, which I like, so I opened with that – “top three favourite birds, go” and then gave my list.

Her response was “my list: 0 birds.”

I recently went through a period in my life in which I got hundreds of matches, and out of them I’d say I could count on my fingers the number who actually knew how to have a conversation. It makes me so mad because before this, women had always told me that was specifically a male problem.

8. Typically.

‘Entertain me’ ‘don’t be boring’

Typically these people are the dullest and most entitled people I’ve ever interacted with

7. This is information I need.

I get a little put off when they do the “Two Truths and a Lie” and one of the options is, “I have a kid.”

That’s real information I’d like to know before swiping.

6. How bad is “worst?”

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you won’t deserve me at my best.”

If I can’t handle you at your worst, I don’t want you at your best.

5. That’s a choice.

It took me 5 seconds of swiping to find this:

“This app is stupid, you’re probably more of a girl than I am, and I’ll probably only talk to you for 5 minutes but good luck dude🤞🏼”

Holy b*%ch energy lol

4. Not your servant.

“Buy me wine” “Fluent in sarcasm”. “Swipe left if you xyz” “I know what’s best for me and you’ll come second to xyz”. “Take me places”

B*%ch I’m not your servant

3. That’s not healthy.

“I’m looking for my Joker to my Harley Quinn.”

Sorry, but unless it’s for cosplay or Halloween, that tells me you’re rather dysfunctional in relationships and somehow thrive in it.

2. She doth protest too much.

If you have to specifically state that you hate drama, you LOVE drama.

1. You’re just like the rest of us.

Anyone who pretends they are too “cool” for dating sites.

“My friends dared me” “I’ll probably delete this in 24 hours”

You are just like the rest of us Diane, lonely or horny. Get over yourself.

Some of these are fair. Others are kind of cringe.

I guess that’s pretty much how it goes with dating.

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