May 13, 2023

There Are At Least A Few Cool Things About Being A Grown Up

It can seem as if childhood is where it’s at (or at least, young adulthood). You have no real responsibilities, you get to focus on growing and enjoying life, you don’t have to worry about money, and there’s always someone there to hug and snuggle you if you need it.

That said, there are some good things about being grown up and on your own, too – at least, these people think they’ve thought of a few.

Not everything goes away.

No more panic about forgetting to study for exams for not doing a term paper assignment

Just kidding

I’m in my 40’s and I still have panic dreams where I wake up thinking I am late for a midterm

Fund your hobbies.

Doing childish stuff with more money.

I work solely to fund my hobbies.

Also to support my household, but whatever.

Sleepovers all the time.

I get to have an every night sleepover with my favorite person and no one yells at us when we stay up late giggling. (My husband)

You can just say no.

Learning that when I’m asked to do something unreasonable, “No” really is a full sentence.

What a glorious day that was.

All that comes to mind.

Adult money. That’s about it really.

Plum out.

Realizing that there are so many things that you really don’t need to give an F about, just as you’re running out of F’s to give.

If you wait long enough…

I would throw in reduced levels of shame but that also didn’t start really kicking in until after 30.

With 40 approaching there have been big changes to the settings on my I-don’t-give-a-fuck meter over the years.

Spend that money.

I wanted to go back into skateboarding, spent a week really wishing i could have a skateboard…..

To then realize “wait a minute, I’m a grown ass man ! I have a salary ! I can buy a Skateboard whenever I want !” !!

So… long story short, I have 4 skateboards now !

A change of scenery.

I once stayed in a hotel on a Tuesday night because I felt like it.

I got off of work. Checked in to a hotel. Got room service. Then checked out in the morning and showered and changed back at my place. It was fun.

And eat it, too.

I can buy a cake right now, and you can’t stop me.

It’s cool.

I’ll tell you when I’ve grown up, but that will be a while from now, I’m only 50. Jokes aside, it’s cool to be good at what you do for a living (which chances are you will be because you get to choose what it is), it’s cool to not have to ask your parents or anyone for permission to do what you like.

It’s super cool to see your kids grow up and become better versions of yourself but also completely different people. It’s cool when they say that they have a good youth because frankly, mine sucked.

A double-edged sword.

Pro: I can eat an entire bag of cadbury mini eggs and no one can stop me.

Con: i ate an entire bag of cadbury mini eggs and no one stopped me so now im going to lie down

How far you’ve come.

I went for a walk by the river this morning. Grabbed a coffee, sat on a bench, and watched chipmunks scurry around the river bank for about 15 minutes while I drank my coffee. I ended up in that time, reflecting on how far I’ve come from the child I was when I left home.

Sometimes, responsibilities suck. Other times, I get to just decide I’m going to watch chipmunks by the river at 9am without anyone interfering with the plans or lack thereof I have for my day and myself.

This extends to more consequential things, like where I want to live, what I want my career to be, or who I want to include in my life. You can LITERALLY do whatever the hell you want. Growing up is simply understanding your tolerance for the consequences of doing whatever the hell you want.

Just roll with it.

Going to bed at 8pm because I want to

i accidently went to bed at 9 last night – felt like it was like 10:30, body was tired so just auto pilot doing the nightly routine. Laid down for bed and looked at my phone – 9:15… i was like wtf welp looks like im gettin extra sleep.

No waiting period.

If I think of something I want, I just acquire it in most cases. Also, when I get gas, I always fill the tank, and I seldom even look at the price.

No one can stop you.

if you have disposable income you can spend it on ANYTHING. Including all your childhood toys you wanted and noones to stop you.

Video Games? buy away.

Your parents were smarter than you hoped.

I can just go to a bakery, buy a whole cake for myself and eat it for breakfast if I want.

And that is when you truly find out why your parents did not want you to do that.

Revel in the slobitude.

When a new video game comes out that you’ve been eagerly anticipating, if you organise yourself you can take a couple of days off and absolutely no-life the s*%t out of it.

Skip showers, order in, revel in the slobitude in a way you never could as a kid.

I agree, I guess.

But I’d still be 19 again in a heartbeat.

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