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She’s Furious Because Her Dad Is Forcing Her To Move Out At 18, But He Didn’t Do That To Her Older Brothers

by Ashley Ashbee

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Tough love is one thing, but what if you do it for only one of your kids? How would that make that kid feel?

My heart goes out to OP in this story, as she doesn’t seem emotionally or financially ready to move out and live away from her family.

Read on to see why she has to move out at 18, even though her older brothers didn’t, and how she dealt with it.

AITA for finding it unfair that my dad told me that I had to pay rent or move out at 18 but didn’t tell my brothers the same thing at 18?

I turn 18 April 21st and my dad told me that he wants me to start paying rent after I turn 18 or I’ll have to move out.

This made me upset because both of my brothers weren’t forced to move out or had to pay rent when they turned 18.

This sounds like a tense home life. Poor girl.

My oldest brother (25M) only moved out 2 years ago and my other brother (22M) still lives with us.

I told him this and he told me that he knows and he made a mistake when raising them and he wasn’t gonna make the same one with me.

She could have explained this more tactfully and maybe that would have changed the outcome, but I doubt it.

I explained this to my dad and told him that if he would’ve parented better he wouldn’t have to force all his regrets on me.

My dad got upset with me and told me that I was being unfair and that I know how hard he tried to raise all of us and I can’t fault him for everything when he tried his best.

You want allies in a situation like this and it’s sad to read that she doesn’t seem to have them.

I tried to call my family to try and have them convince my dad that he was the one being unfair but they told me that I should be grateful my dad cares about me and that they agree with him.

They told me his only fault is letting (22M) and (25M) stay as long as they did and they are glad he wasn’t gonna enable me?!

I am sure parenting styles changes from experience, but I don’t think being singled out is good for anyone’s mental health.

Home is supposed to feel safe and warm. I want to give OP a hug.


I genuinely feel like I’m getting punished for my brothers actions and I don’t find that fair at all.

Let’s see what commenters had to say about this.

This person and others felt having to leave a toxic situation is a blessing in disguise. Life will get better!

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I completely agree. I don’t get why 18 year olds are expected to be ready for this.

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Very true. Rent everywhere is super high, even if you have a roommate. Will they be okay with her living in a slum in a bad neighborhood because that’s all she can afford?

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True. It feels vindictive almost. Weaponizing your kids against each other.

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This person sounds like a really nice and fair parent.

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If you’re in a similar situation, remember that there are people out there who care about your feelings.

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