May 27, 2023 at 9:39 pm

Women Share Useful Tips About Living Alone and Staying Safe

by Matthew Gilligan

Women, we want you to listen up today.

Because other ladies out there offered up useful tips about living alone and we think there is some good stuff in here that you should keep in mind if you live by yourself.

And even if you don’t live by yourself, these pieces of safety advice could still do you a lot of good.

Take a look and please be safe out there!

The safe option.

“Living alone safely starts at where you choose to live.

When first looking at apartments as a single woman, I ruled out any place that required me to walk down a path where I can’t run away.

If the entryway, path, or road leading to your place doesn’t allow for witnesses, escape, or can easily let someone hide in waiting or creep behind you and overtake you, don’t choose to live there. Keep looking, you’ll find a safer option.”

Escape plan.

“Have a plan and know where you can escape or hide.

Even if it’s just locking the bedroom door or rolling under the bed and calling for help.

It might buy you a little time.”

Good one.

“NEVER let a first date or new friend pick you up.

ALWAYS meet them someplace somewhat central, but still further for you.

After the date/meet-up, don’t bring them back to your place until you have known them a bit.”

Have it handy.

“Keep your key fob on your nightstand.

If someone breaks in, you can set your car alarm off to alert your neighbors or scare off the intruders.”

Just in case.

“I always put the address of a neighbor when I’m using rideshare apps.

When I used to live in an apartment building, I would wait before turning the lights on after being dropped off.”


“Vary up your routine.

Don’t leave on the same days at the same times or walk, run, or drive in the same direction.”

Make some noise.

“On the advice of my retired police officer mother, I put sleigh bells around the interior front door handle, something I would hear immediately.

This has become my go-to housewarming gift for my other single girlfriends who live alone.”

Another option.

“Have a landline phone. In case of an emergency, it’s always in the same place.

Therefore, I waste no time having to look for it. It also provides a second option if the other is unreachable.”

Might as well.

“Solar-powered motion sensor lights around your house are cheap, easy to use, and helpful in so many ways.”

Have to be safe.

“If I’m not expecting someone, I don’t answer my door for anyone.

If I don’t know they’re coming, then they don’t need to show up. May seem unfriendly, but it’s safer that way.”


“Be familiar with your space!

Take time when drinking your coffee or waiting on the microwave to just look around and see how everything is arranged — however messy.

If someone enters your home, there will be little differences that give it away first.”


“If you think you are being followed, drive to a police station and honk the horn like crazy as you pull in.

Even pulling into an ER would be better than nothing.”


“I highly recommend Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The very first thing an adequate instructor will teach you is how to escape someone that’s on top of you.

Your confidence and physical stamina will improve, making you confident.”

Don’t mess with me.

“Lived on my own for a long time.

Never be the first to break eye contact if someone is giving you creeper vibes.

It lets them know you’re not gonna go without a fight or a big scene.”

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