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Bosses Share Excuses From Employees They Thought Were Total BS Until They Saw the Proof

by Matthew Gilligan

Excuse BS Employer Proof Saw Bosses Share Excuses From Employees They Thought Were Total BS Until They Saw the Proof

Am I really supposed to believe that nonsense?!?!

Have you ever had someone say that to you or maybe you’ve said it to an employee?

Well, those situations turn out to be really awkward when you find out the person who gave you an excuse that sounded ridiculous turned out to be 100% true.

And these AskReddit users have been there.

Check out what they had to say.

That really sucks.

“One of my colleagues said he would be late because of heavy rains.

It turned out that he was living in a flood prone zone and he showed up to office shirtless because it was wet and soiled by muddy water, with a video of his car floating and totalled on the road near his house.”


“When I managed a convenience store, a guy who was there didn’t complete all his closing tasks until about 1am (we closed at 11pm). It usually only took about 15 minutes.

He said it got super busy and someone had diarrhea in the middle of the store he had to clean up. He was known in the past for being lazy and finishing his job and milking his time to get more hours in so I really thought he was just saying stuff as an excuse.

Went back and watched the recording from the night before to be sure before I called him out though and I’m glad I did. You could clearly see about 20 people come about 10 minutes before closing (a dance or something in town was coming to an end) and one guy was leaving a stream of liquid poo around the store before running to the bathroom to try and clean himself up.”

Now that is bad luck.

“Guy was scheduled to come in for his first day. Got a flat tire on the freeway on the way in, called in, manager was cool and told him to take care of it and come in the next day. Next day rolls around and he calls in again, this time because his radiator overheated on the freeway.

Even took a picture and texted it to management and HR. Manager, still cool, told him to come in the following Monday to give him time to get his car repaired. New employee is, of course, grateful as hell.

Monday rolls around, and my manager gets another call. New guy was on his way and got into a car accident on the freeway. Manager got pissed this time.

New guy told him to look out the window, since our building was on a hill that overlooked a large stretch of freeway. Sure enough, off in the distance was new guy’s car burning merrily away.”


“Not a manager, but a coworker showed up over an hour late because “A goose was guarding my car door.”

He had a video on his phone. A canadian goose, sitting in his driveway. Every time he’d approach the car it’d spread its wings, lower its head and begin charging at him honking.

Hilarious as hell and totally worth the almost two hours of solo work.”

Respect that sun.

“My best friend called out of work for what was essentially a bad sunburn once. We were working at a movie theater at the time, and because she wasn’t sure if anyone would believe her she decided to drive up to show the managers.

She has a super distinctive body shape, so when I saw her across the lobby I waved and she sort of waved back. A bit later she walked over to me and she was completely unrecognizable. Turns out that she actually had mild sun poisoning and her face was so swollen she looked like a different person.

Her doctor wrote her a note because he didn’t want her near the hot popcorn poppers or deep fryers. It took her almost a week to look anything like herself again.

Best part was she used the super swollen sun poisoning picture of herself on Tinder for the longest time.”

Road hazards.

“15 minutes before her shift is supposed to start I get a call from the employee saying she had just been in a fender bender but she was alright and would be at work in 45 mins to an hour after getting the insurance info sorted. 45 minutes later I get another call.

She wasn’t going to make it work that day because her car had been hit by another driver and was totalled.

I didn’t believe her until I saw the pics of the three car sandwich with her car firmly squished in the middle.”

Hahahaha. Wow.

“Guy I knew lost the tip of his big toe on a building site, someone knocked over one of those large concrete slabs things they have.

He was ringing his boss, who didn’t believe him, so his asked the ambulance driver to turn on the siren.”

What are the chances?

“One of my team was off for a week holiday, called up to say he’d fallen off a bed and broken his neck.


Neck brace, several weeks off work, rehabilitation. Remarkable how he was able to recover so quickly.”

That’s insane.

“Someone said they got a medical recommendation from the doctor for a sick leave, which legally will be giving them a paid day off… for…. wait for it….. being drunk.

Saw the medical chit “too drunk and hungover to work”, called up the clinic, drove all the way to check out if the thing exists.

Bravo, bravo.”

Death(s) in the family.

“Had an employee that took bereavement time because his mother passed away, okay it happens. Four or five months later he took bereavement time because his mother died, I was like WTF?

He tells me he was adopted, his birth mother had just died, and the first one was his adoptive mother, okay wow yeah fine.

Six months later he takes bereavement time because his mother died, I was like your kidding me right? Nope his parents that adopted him divorced when he was 8, his father remarried when he was 12 and the new wife adopted him.”

Don’t do bath salts.

“Was a manager at BK. Kid called in and said he had a bad reaction to some bath salts. I thought he meant actual bath salts, not the drug bath salts. I’ve bought some of the essential oil salts for the wife and some have made her irritated so I ran with it.

He definitely meant the drug bath salts because I caught him a week or so later busting out a line in the restaurant bathroom. Dude had a small Mason jar full. Fired on the spot. His excuse was it was legal, and didn’t think it would be an issue.”


“I know a guy who said he was kidnapped by terrorists in the Middle East on vacations, he had the police reports and everything.”

This isn’t working out.

“I had an employee call me saying he wouldn’t be able to make it to work because he was in jail.

HR called the jail, and sure enough he was charged with possession of a controlled substance and domestic abuse.

He didn’t work out.”

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