June 28, 2023 at 10:36 am

People Share Their “Never Interrupt an Enemy While They’re Making a Mistake” Stories

by Matthew Gilligan

Youre Fired Enemy Done People Share Their “Never Interrupt an Enemy While They’re Making a Mistake” Stories

You know what?

I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut and let you do your thing…because you’re blowing it and I don’t even really like you that much!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like that?

These AskReddit users sure have and they shared their stories about when they let their enemies just go ahead and bury themselves.

Check out what they had to say!


“I was accused by a neighbor of reversing out my driveway and hitting his car.

He gave me the date and time I had allegedly done it, and pointed to a small scrape on my car that supposedly matched perfectly the location of the dent on his.

This was 7 weeks after the alleged event, by the way.

I said it wasn’t me but told him to contact his insurance and we’d see what they said. Few weeks later I get a letter from my insurance asking what had happened, to which I responded with the date I had bought my car (and updated my insurance) – two weeks after the supposed bump.

He never spoke to me again but I used to give him a cheery wave every time I saw him glowering at his window.”

You’re fired.

“In a meeting with my project manager who has not been in the office or worked a proper full day for MONTHS.

She has increasingly been annoyed by people bypassing her to get things done by telling me and her other direct reports what to do. I was about to answer a question for stakeholders, she told me to let her speak one sentence and will let me have my bit.

I did as I was told, and she told the stakeholder a completely wrong thing about the system we were handling and made a complete fool out of herself.

She got fired this month.”


“Roommate’s ex abandons their vehicle in front of my house.

I tell them to please move it or I will have it towed.

Vehicle suddenly has two flat tires.

Ex files police report claiming my roommate and I had slashed their tires.

Waited until ex made their statement to the police about how we had slashed their tires and that is why they couldn’t move his vehicle and filed a claim against us in small claims court.

Provided police and the court copies of my and our neighbors door cam footage showing the ex arriving in the middle of the night to slash their own tires.”

Sat there silent…

“At my current job, part of my duties is to do trailer audits (make sure people are unloading/loading safely) and I was training a new member for the position to do the job.

After a few weeks, it turns out that the other person wasn’t doing ANY aspects of the job, instead they were just mingling like it was a cocktail party. When asked why they weren’t doing anything, they say it was because they were never trained.

Well, turns out that due to past complaints about this particular person management put them on a PIP, that if they got any type of training they were to have a piece of paper documenting what kind of training it was, who trained them and management sign off, with all party’s signatures.

When they pulled the file that said they were indeed trained in all duties of the job, they just sat there silent and was fired.

They were fired because they pulled the same stunt in every department of the building, and mine was their last chance.”


“Guy stole a presentation from me, this is 25 years ago. We h**ed each other.

When he started presenting I realized I had made a huge error, didn’t say anything. Let him get through it. Asked him about the error, he couldn’t answer. This was in front of the COO.

Got fired, not for just that, he was an overall d**che. This was before everyone was on PCs, had one printer in one room.”

Keep going.

“I let the lady who changed lanes into me run her mouth about how I rear ended her before pulling the cop aside to show him my DashCam footage.”

Horrible habits.

“I work as a teacher and we had an ex-manager guy who decided to get into teaching late.

He had lots of pretty horrible habits (eating other people’s lunches, perving on the female teachers, squeezing people’s shoulders painfully hard as a ‘matey’ gesture) but the habit that this story is about, is how he tried to use weaponized incompetence to get people to do his tasks for him.

None of it was really important. He just seemed to enjoy talking people into doing things for him.

So he comes up to me one day with a USB data stick in his hand. Apparently it has a copy of a previous year’s exam that it was his responsibility to update and edit. He’d taken the file home and his daughter had done the update (really dude? Roping family into doing your paid government job for you?).

He wanted me to copy the file from the USB back into the server, replacing the original file he’d copied. It was literally click and drag between the USB and the file server. I flat out refused and said it was part of his responsibility and I was too busy with my own tasks.

He proceeds to loudly and publicly proclaim to the entire staff room that I didn’t understand how difficult it was for people of his generation to learn computer technology and that I really needed to help him out. That he was currently doing a computer course but this (dragging a file between two folders) was too difficult for him to sort out.

I let him go on for about a good 5 minutes about how horrible I was for not helping the poor helpless old man out, until I just as loudly asked him “How the hell did you get the original file from the server onto the USB in the first place?”

You could have heard a pin drop in that staffroom. He walked off and copied his own file.”

I’ll wait over here.

“I was a lead developer in a small company producing Internet of Things (IOT) devices.

My manager hired his friend from his previous company. A guy who was super arrogant and knew everything better. Theoretically, my opinion on the development of the project should be decisive, but neither my manager nor his buddy cared about it.

I tried to talk to the manager about the problems with the new colleague, but he brushed me off.

The new guy – being so brilliant – was given one important component of the system to do. Of course, he made it clear that he didn’t need any help from me.

Weeks and months passed. In the meetings, his component was always in the last phase of testing. But I had access to the git repository, and I saw how messy it was. No one asked me for my opinion, so I didn’t say anything. I waited.

The deadline has come, the release of the product. And of course nothing works. Higher management became interested in the case, and my manager could only avoid being fired in one way – he fired his buddy.

A few weeks later, I left the company. That was over a year ago, and as far as I know, the product still hasn’t hit the market.”


“When I was training a friend I hired at a store I used to manage, some customers were talking shit about us in Maltese of all things.

My friend was surprised to have a use for the fact that she was fluent in it, and started asking them if there was anything the matter in their language. They got super embarrassed and left.

I didn’t even mind losing the sale.”

I loved these stories so much. When bad people get their due, it’s always satisfying.