June 30, 2023 at 4:08 pm

People Talk About Red Flags in Job Posts That Should Know About

by Matthew Gilligan

RedditJobRedFlags People Talk About Red Flags in Job Posts That Should Know About

We’re like a family here!

Have you ever seen that in a job posting before?

If you haven’t, let me give you some words of wisdom.

Don’t apply for that job!

Because that’s one of those red flag terms that should tip you off about a place you probably wouldn’t want to work.

Check out what else AskReddit users said about this.

Uh oh…

“Worst job I ever took asked for a “rockstar chef” to run a kitchen.

I was raised in my dad’s restaurant so I was very capable and did the job just fine but somehow showing up, setting menus, prepping for the day, and running shit smoothly wasn’t what they were looking for.

They wanted “personality” and not competence. I remember my exit interview (after a year) the owners even expressed disappointment that I wasn’t a “rockstar” and couldn’t bring my own name recognition to their little office lunchtime cafe.”

I’m outta here.

“I agreed to a Zoom interview, showed up looking professional, and noticed 8 other guys attending as well.

The guy who called me says, “Okay, guys, the presentation starts in 10 minutes; take notes because there will be questions at the end.”

Noped right out then and there.”

Heck no.

“”Salary to be discussed”.

Every single interview I’ve gone for that didn’t disclose the salary upfront was severely underpaid.”

Avoid at all costs.

““Urgently hiring multiple candidates”.

AKA the entire last crew just got pi**ed and quit.”


“Fast paced environment.

It usually means “4 people just quit and we are hoping to find some idiot who will do all that work for a single salary.””


“We work hard and play hard.

I don’t want to “play” with my co-workers.

F**k having to be on my best behavior when I’m supposedly having fun.

Why should I play when the people watching can fire me anytime?”

No way.

“Any use of the words “rockstar”, “ninja”, or “guru.”

Avoid at all costs.”


“The richest place in town, a golf course country club couldn’t tell me pay when I asked.

They did say something about tips and boasted about 1,000 a night amongst waitstaff. 3% goes to bussers.

I had an informal interview with a grocery store and they presented a pay scale based on experience. $16 – 19.”

Oh, really?

“Flexible hours.

It means “we won’t give you enough hours to survive, but we will f**k with your schedule enough to make a second job impossible”.”

Run away fast!

“We are a family company.

Expect you to be fine with getting underpaid and doing endless overtime because hey, they order food once in a while for the team which is soooo cool…”

Show me the money.

““Salary based on experience” is code for lowest possible salary.

If it is a government job and the salary range is 35,000-50,000…the salary is 35,000. No negotiations.

If the job has a date range that states when they will be accepting applications, and that range is less than seven days, they most likely already have an internal candidate for the job and are legally required to post the job for other applicants.

State government and public universities do this all the time.”

Stay frosty out there, fam!