June 20, 2023 at 11:21 pm

These Attractive People Swear Their Life Has Not Been Without Troubles

by Trisha Leigh

Pretty People Few Things Actually These Attractive People Swear Their Life Has Not Been Without Troubles

It’s been scientifically proven that attractive people face fewer barriers in life, and in many cases, have an easier path paved for them in the first place.

The grass is always greener, though, and even if your attractive friends do have a better yard, though, that doesn’t mean they never get moles. Or mosquitoes. Or root rot.

Nothing is perfect, basically – a fact that these people can confirm is even true about being attractive.

People are always looking.

People are always looking at you. And if you make eye contact, they try to talk to you. This made me very self conscious, and led to a bad habit of never really looking at other people.

I was never really attractive, just normal. But as a naturally shy person the attention was anxiety inducing and I think stunted my social ability because I was afraid to really look at people.

I can only imagine how overwhelming it is for really attractive people.

You have to be mean.

People equate being nice to being flirty.

This came up on a recent Ted Lasso episode – “how can you tell if a girl really likes you or is just being nice?”

“You can’t.”

Things change.

If you’re attractive right now, people assume you’ve always been attractive. People assume attractive people always get things handed to them.

So when you’re a nice looking 30 year old, but maybe were an ugly duckling until you were in your mid 20s, they assume you were a popular teenager, never bullied, and spent your young adulthood being taken on lavish dates and getting free drinks.

They never know who to trust.

When you are ugly and someone loves you, you know they love you for who you are. Beautiful people never know who to trust.

Drax the Destroyer.

A piece of meat.

Everyone staring at you like you are a piece of meat

You can still be uncomfortable.

Being attractive while also being an anxious/awkward person.

Not knowing how to react or being uncomfortable when people flirt with you.

This sucks extra because people tend to look at/ judge attractive people, so then I get more anxious from being stared at.

It’s lonely.

Women assume you are fucking everyone and men look at you as a threat. Its lonely.

Not just cute and quirky.

Or like you get labeled as a “manic pixie dream girl” and everyone just thinks your cute and quirky.

Turns out I’m hella autistic.

Reduced to her looks.

My friend’s daughter is 22 and just graduated from college. She’s stunningly gorgeous, like Victoria’s Secret model hot. She’s also extremely smart and super talented, but people just reduce her to her looks and nothing else. She’s always getting cat called and hit on by old creeps, and she recently traveled to Italy and had a miserable time because crowds of horny guys would follow her around, and she kept getting groped in public places (it happens in a lot of places, I’m not just calling out Italy).

Older women are also really nasty to her, like in her previous internship and other professional things she was involved in. Just real catty and always rolling their eyes at her like she’s a bimbo airhead. It’s just a weird kind of attention that brings out the worst in some people.

We want to be friends.

Or they think that you believe you’re too good for them.

Like no, I want to be friends, I’m just awkward and have a harder time showing my true self to new people.

Straight up stalking.

I had a girlfriend who was just stunning, it was noticeable how while some people fell over her most didn’t take her seriously even though she was quite smart.

And the weird straight up stalking. Guys would just FOLLOW her. It was very odd.

A few things, actually.

Getting threatened with violence when you aren’t flattered by being followed.

Having to wear a fake wedding ring when you’re single.

Can’t have a coffee or a meal without being harassed.

Hostility from other women. I have some very light streaks in my hair due to be malnourished as a child. A woman actually pulled my hair because she thought I was lying that it was natural and she wanted to know which hair color dye it was. Another woman grabbed my ear and twisted it, looking for facelift scars when I told her I was in my late 50s.

Other nerds don’t take your nerd cred seriously. That actually sucks the most. 🙁

Not taken seriously.

I’m not super model hot but I’m attractive and I work in tech. I like to dress nice and I enjoy fashion, etc. I can’t count how many times I’m taken less seriously due to my appearance.

Or how many times I’m hated by others for being smart AND attractive.

Hostility from other women.

Exact same scenarios as you except I’m early 50s and I slapped the hand of the last person who decided they could touch my hair.

Hostility from other women, especially if their husbands are leering at me.

I dress modestly too because attention pissed me off. It doesn’t work.

Oh, and let’s not forget that everyone assumes I’m an idiot, too. The nerd cred angst is real; I’m a sysadmin.

Mostly these days, I prefer to stay home, play my computer games, and get high.

You’re not allowed to have problems.

Apparently being attractive means you’re no longer allowed to have mental issues, you know because you’re attractive.

People ignore it and be like “shut up ur good looking stop complaining”

It’s not cool, dude.

People like touching me inappropriately and think I won’t mind because I’m a guy

I’m a dude with a genetically nice ass and skinny waist, and i’ve had so many men and women slap my ass thinking its fine just because I’m a dude, and when I explain it to them that it’s not cool, half of them say “oh it’s not a big deal, you’re a guy, take it as a compliment.” Hell no! I have a girlfriend! That’s not cool dude!

I mean, I feel like it’s still better to be pretty than not.

But I can concede we all have our crosses to bear.