June 9, 2023 at 3:33 pm

What Modern Trend Annoys You A Lot? Here’s What People Had to Say.

by Matthew Gilligan

Annoy Trend Modern Most What Modern Trend Annoys You A Lot? Here’s What People Had to Say.

Kids today, I tell ya…

I don’t know what the HELL they’re thinking!

All the bad ’90s fashion that really didn’t look good 30 years ago has made a comeback and is being embraced by young folks…and it still looks bad!

But enough about me…

What modern trend annoys you the most?

Check out how folks reacted on AskReddit.

Just live your life.

“That people think their lives need to be viewed to be lived- it’s like privacy and being private are considered repressive.

People are always online, posting about their lives, and everyone wants validation about every aspect of their lives. Just f**king live ‘em!”

We all need downtime.

“Nobody is allowed to have hobbies anymore.

If it’s not a “hustle” you should be doing something else according to society.

It’s infinitely frustrating.

When I get off work I’m going to play some d**n videogames and relax. I’m not going to worry about my “side hustle”.”


“People who film homeless people’s reaction of being given food, or money, or clothing, or whatever.

The homeless have to take it which is so demeaning to them being filmed.

Like their lives aren’t hard enough!”

It’s everywhere.

“I just kinda hate Youtuber culture in general.

I used to work at a guitar center pro audio department which is the hub for pretty much all digital creators in one way or another. (USB audio interfaces, microphones, midi controllers, etc.)

And almost every week someone would come in filming, not even subtle, I’m at work looking like hell, and whatever profit or notoriety that comes from me being part of your set without consent will never make it back to me.

Can’t stand that s**t.”

Let’s see the evidence.

“Going on vacation for the evidence, not the experience.

Social media has exposed every cool place of interest and hidden gem out there… which is cool in theory, but it just means that everything is now more crowded than it used to be, and instead of actually enjoying the experience, people are just interested in snapping their shots and moving on to the next target.

I saw the Mona Lisa pre-covid and expected it to be a crowded mess—shuffling through a line for an hour to have 30 seconds to look at the painting—no surprise there.

But it was depressing to see most people get to the painting, turn around and take a selfie, and move on without another glance. They only saw the painting through their phone screen.”


“Non-stop consumption. Everything is designed to be consumed and then discarded.

Nothing is well made and people act like you’re insane for having a phone that is over three years old.

On top of that, the modern attention span has been decimated and information goes into one ear and out the other, with nothing actually learned.”


“Weddings have turned into expensive choreographed social media productions worthy of Busby Berkeley.

These s**tshows empty pocketbooks and ruin friendships. It’s gotten to the point where bridesmaids and groomsmen are expected to shell out thousands of dollars and use up their vacation time for multiple trips, while regular guests are told what color to wear.

It’s madness.”

You knew this was coming.

“Gender reveal parties.

Especially when people react badly.

Imagine being a kid and coming across a video of one of your parents having a tantrum because you aren’t they gender they wanted you to be.”

Try to enjoy your life.

“How much we glorify being a workaholic.

It seems like everyone is expected to be insanely passionate about their job, as if that’s what they’ve always wanted to be and they’re so driven they always want to talk about how busy it makes them/how much they hustle, etc.

It’s to the point where it spawned that terrible “life hack” trend that just seems to be about freeing up time to… work more. Like, must everything be so god**mn efficient??

Sometimes I just enjoy staring out the window on my commute, or waking up slowly on a weekend morning or whatever. And it’s perfectly okay to work a job you’re just fine with in order to put food on the table and have access to health insurance, etc.”


“Faking mental illnesses on Tiktok.

Like seriously, that s**t needs to stop.

It’s not funny nor quirky, it’s just very disrespectful.”

You must always be happy!

“Requiring that everything be positive and not allowing anything negative.

It is like a child sticking their fingers in their ears and pretending they can’t hear something the don’t like.”


“Anti-vaccination people.

When vaccines were first discovered or developed or however you want to say it, they were mostly seen as a scientific break through. A great success. The wonders of man kinds great power and ingenuity. Polio? What polio? But now, it is trendy for many to be now smarter than several years of research and hard work.

To know more in 10 minutes on YouTube then someone who has dedicated years of their life to study what other people before then also studied for years of their life and so on and so on. Years of human evolution, growth, study, break-throughs, accomplishments, ground to a halt by some jack wagon with a social media account.”

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