June 7, 2023 at 2:47 am

What Would You Put on Mars to Confuse NASA Scientists? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

Put On Mars To Confuse copy What Would You Put on Mars to Confuse NASA Scientists? Here’s What People Said.

What’s a Slurpee machine doing on Mars…?

That doesn’t seem right…

Hey! Who put that there?!?!

Folks, it’s time to play a game and it’s called “What would you put on Mars to confuse the eggheads at NASA?”

Are you ready?

Let’s see what people had to say!

We’ve already been here?

“A NASA spacecraft, one that NASA has no record of.

Like something they’ve never built, but that has NASA logos all over it and clearly has a NASA origin, just not our NASA.”

I like this one.

“Wacky inflatable tube man on the highest peak.

Hi I’m Al Harrington from Al Harringtons Wacky waving inflatable flailing arm tube man incorporation here to let you know we have an over stock of wacky waving inflatable flailing arm tube man’s and need to clear them out now and passing the savings onto youuu!!!!”

Mess it all up.

“I’m a geologist, and I can confirm that just placing the wrong type of rock would f**k up science for like 30 years.

I often pick up rocks that I know only occur in specific areas and leave them somewhere that would be naturally impossible in the hope that it will break a geochemist’s mind when they find it.”


“A Mars bar wrapper.

Like a giant one covering the entire planet under a slight layer of dirt and dust or just the one regular size thing.”

Be right back.

“A picnic basket, blanket, food laid out with a note – “Honey, I forgot the potato salad, I’ll be back in 20 minutes.”

And for good measure, a 1953 Buick. To complete the scene – footprints that walk away and just disappear about 50 yards away.”

Uh oh.

“A thousand year old stone tablet describing how humanity had to leave Mars for Earth after global warming got too out of control.”

That guy was good.

“The corpse of Alexander the Great.

Maybe add a massive tomb and some ancient Greek words talking about his conquest of Mars.”

Now they’re confused.

“A futuristic looking water bottle with “Class of 2941″ on it.

That’ll screw with their minds about space AND time travel…”

Read the sign!

“A sing saying “Congratulations humans of trial E34-786/B0A. You have reached the end of the Simulation. Every sing of your civilaziation will be errased and your planet will be resetted. Every trace of your existense will be removed on an atomic level. Afterwards the next batch of humans will start with a new scenario. Thank you for participating.”

He looks familiar.

“A life-sized cardboard cutout of Matt Damon from ‘The Martian’ movie, complete with his potato garden and a sign that says ‘I’m still alive, bi**hes!’

Imagine the confusion on the faces of NASA scientists when they see Matt Damon apparently thriving on the red planet!”

All good choices.

“A Viking ship burial.

A velociraptor skeleton in a spacesuit in strata 71 million years old.

A stockpile of left socks.”

That’ll show ’em.

“Giant replica of the Mars rover.

Make them wonder if Martians or other aliens are copying them or if they have the same technology.

And wonder who the hell built it…”

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