July 19, 2023 at 12:45 pm

A Woman Got an Earful After Questioning How Cakes Are Made at Costco

by Matthew Gilligan

CostcoCakeSystem A Woman Got an Earful After Questioning How Cakes Are Made at Costco

In case you didn’t know, Costco has some serious, hardcore followers…

And folks who step out of line with the store and their customs…well, they’re gonna hear about it from the faithful out there!

And a woman named Lucy who had the nerve to question Costco’s cake-ordering process started a whole conversation on Twitter…because these folks love those cheap, huge cakes.

Lucy posted on Twitter about how she found Costco’s system to be wildly out of date because here’s the deal: you can’t call your cake order in, you can’t order it online, you have to actually go to a Costco bakery, fill out a form, drop it in a box, and show up at an assigned time when it’s supposed to be finished.

Here’s what she had to say about the process on Twitter.

And she had this to say, as well.

While her comments may be true, Lucy also heard back from a lot of Costco fanatics who are completely satisfied with how they operate their cake business.

Here are two examples of what folks had to say in response.

And this man sounds like he’d do just about ANYTHING for his beloved Costco.

And these Twitter users even pointed out that the people who work at Costco love it there, and that’s really saying something, don’t you think?

Costco…they like to do things their own way!

And the people have spoken!