July 7, 2023 at 12:34 pm

What Movie Do You Not Like That Critics Seem to Love? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

 What Movie Do You Not Like That Critics Seem to Love? Here’s What People Said.

I’ve shared this unpopular opinion a few times before and it’s time to bust it out again…

I’m not a fan of The Big Lebowski.

Everyone I know thinks it’s a masterpiece and quotes it endlessly, but I just can’t get into it.

And I’ve tried!

So that’s my movie that critics love that I don’t.

Here’s what AskReddit users said about this.

Rewriting history.


Not because it was necessarily a badly made movie, but because it willfully rewrote real world history to make America look like the sole heroes. The British and New Zealand embassies did NOT turn the American embassy workers away.

The British embassy took them in, at great risk mind you, but transferred them to the Canadian embassy since they could more easily pass for Canadians, and the British embassy was in a dangerous location already. The New Zealand embassy took similar risks.

The actual Americans who were rescued made extensive comments at the time stating displeasure over how the actual situation was depicted, since it was, well, bulls**t.

And don’t get me started on U-571. At least that movie was the box office bomb it deserved to be, since it straight up REPLACED the British Navy who recovered the Enigma machine with the US Navy.

They got so much heat over it that they just lazily shoved a disclaimer at the end saying pretty much “actually it was the British Navy who captured the machine but oh well” to save face. The bloody US wasn’t even IN the war when the events depicted happened.”

This was a popular one.


Like, I challenge you to write a more pandering movie. But impossible character arcs and junior-high level storytelling is apparently Oscar worthy if you spend enough money on bankable actors.”

Not feeling this one.

“Spongebob: Sponge Out of Water.

F**king 81% RT score with a 54% audience score. If you want a spongebob movie, watch the original 2005 movie.

Infinitely better.”

Not a good remake.

“The Lion King remake.

The CGI is absolutely gorgeous, I can’t deny that. But going to hyper realistic lions made the movie lose all of the charm the original had. There’s a complete disconnect between the emotions the voice actors were going for and what the lions were showing due to the fact that real cats/lions don’t have a wide range of facial expressions to portray human emotions with.

Other changes were meh. Some were good like fixing some plot holes, but for the most part the changes were bad (removal of songs, toned down the magic, Beyonce butchering music).”

In the fourth part…

“Toy Story 4.

When it was first announced I thought it was an unnecessary movie, after watching the trailers I still thought it was unnecessary and after watching the movie I realized I was correct ( and this led me to h**e the movie because the trilogy had a perfect ending).

By the way, How to Train your Dragon 3 should have won the oscar in toy story place. Ps. Sorry about my english if I made any mistakes, it is not my language.”

I didn’t like this one either.

“American Hustle.

One of the most boring movies I have ever watched.”

Movies about Honest Abe.

“Man, “Lincoln” was so f**king boring. My fav president, so I thought “This will be cool.” I was wrong.

And Lincoln Vampire Hunter ruled though.”

Skipped this one.

“Bird Box.

A Quiet Place is somehow a better movie even though they’re almost exactly the same.”

Once was enough for this one.

“As a person who has struggled with addiction, I find Requiem for a Dream to be a monstrosity of over sensationalized fantasy. It doesn’t tell the story of an addict, it tells a story, seemingly concocted by a DARE officer who has never even thought to consider the actual emotions involved in addiction.

By contrast I find the film Trainspotting to be a much more grounded and honest look at the life and struggle of an addict. This is all based on my own personal experience, of course.”


“A Star Is Born

I just don’t get the hype. Almost no conflict in her rise to stardom and the ending seemed so predictable the closer I came to it that I had a hard time even finishing it. It was just boring.”

An interesting take on this one.

“American Sniper

AKA “This man murdered civilians but he feels bad about it so it’s ok. US army good”.”

Plot twist.

“The Shape of Water.

Honestly might have been a good movie to address the way humans treat creatures, but they f**ked it up by having them fall in love. Like what the actual f**k.”

Two reviews in one.

“Ad Astra.

The moon pirates, the girl from Mars who’s never been to earth, the way they manage to make a desperate fall to earth with a torn parachute BORING. F**k Brad Pitt and his I’m-bored-falling-from-space-to-earth-with-a-broken-parachute, I wanna know why and how there’re moon pirates.

Also Drag Me to Hell.

Psychological thriller my a**, it’s jump scares galore and a woman who could’ve been rid of her problems. I don’t care how much empathy you have for someone with mean parents, he kept screwing you over and you were literally going to be sent to hell. Survival instinct beats empathy for someone who was actively antagonizing you hours before.


It was very popular…

“Bohemian Rhapsody.

I love Queen but this movie sucks.”

Don’t get it…


I just don’t get it. Most of the special effects are amazing (some shots have too much of that 90’s CGI look) but the actual movie was an extremely generic love story with nothing new.”



Not only was it horrible, it was f**king traumatizing. Seriously, three of us went and we all came out emotionally scarred. Once I got over that, it’s just boring and super ham-fisted religious allegories.”

Come on, Dad!

“Not me but my dad.

He absolutely h**es Snowpiercer but it’s got fantastic ratings and a great director. Even after rewatching he still just doesn’t get into it. I’ll admit the first time I watched it with him I wasn’t huge on it either but I’ve rewatched it many times and it’s one of my favorite films now.”

I’m sorry, I don’t care what anybody says… Snowpiercer is amazing!