July 23, 2023 at 8:43 pm

What Places Should Foreigners Avoid in the US? Americans Shared Their Thoughts.

by Matthew Gilligan

ARDangerousPlaces What Places Should Foreigners Avoid in the US? Americans Shared Their Thoughts.

I’m of the opinion that there are bad areas in every large city (and some small towns) and, as long as you know where you should and shouldn’t go and you keep your wits about you, you’ll probably be just fine.

But some people have some pretty strong feelings about places they think are incredibly dangerous.

Let’s see what people had to say about places they think foreigners should avoid in the U.S.

Be smart about it.

“Don’t hike into the wilderness of Colorado (especially 14ers) without knowing wilderness survival and responsibilities.

Tourists d** on our mountains and in Rocky Mountain National Park all the time. Do your research! Altitude is no joke.”

Hell no.

“D**th Valley in the summer especially if you consider yourself a strong hiker, and live in a cooler climate.

It has that name for a reason.”

Philly don’t play around.

“The Kensington area in north Philadelphia.

Such a pleasant name – Kensington.

My lived in North Philly, which is not exactly the best neighborhood either. But she says stf out of Kensington.”

Stay out of downtown.

“Most of downtown Los Angeles at night.

When the streets get quiet and the locals go home, that’s your cue to go back to your hotel or a more popular hotspot.”


“Gary, Indiana.

Makes East St. Louis look like a resort.

And just to be clear, don’t go to East St. Louis, either.”

Keep going.

“Trenton NJ.

It’s the state capital, there is a good museum.

But it looks like a bombed-out looted s**thole and I won’t even stop at red lights while in Trenton.”


“As a native Californian, I’d definitely say the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

That place is so dirty and grimy and all the people and street performers there are sketchy and aggressive.

Definitely not worth it if you ask me.”

Good point.

“Don’t trespass.

It is taken VERY seriously here, and you could wind up shot if you are on the wrong person’s land. We do not have the right to roam. And we do have the right to bear arms.

Some states even have “castle laws” which considers trespassing to be sufficient reason to shoot someone in “self defense”.”

Sounds scary.

“Downtown Albuquerque at night.

So many cracked out homeless dudes getting in your personal space. I told my wife to wait in the car while I stood in front of the taco truck.

One guy tried to start a fight with me because I wouldn’t lower my window to talk to him while I was at the McDonald’s drive-thru.

I’m used to NYC where the beggars ask you for money while leaning against the wall or something. In downtown Albuquerque, it’s like they own the streets and the roads.”

Down South.


You see American Redditors bash it all the time but they really aren’t just memes.

It’s miserable there, the government works against you, and the people are (understandably) in a constant state of unpleasantness.”

Bay Area.

“The Tenderloin in San Fran between the hours of 12 am to 6 am. Same for west Oakland. Unless it’s to someone’s house.

Leave zero things visible (not just valuable stuff, anything at all) in your car if you park in either of these places anytime, but especially at night.”

That last one… seriously… avoid the Tenderloin. It is MADNESS.