August 1, 2023 at 8:31 pm

‘Be careful of what you tell people.’ What Important Lesson Did You Learn the Hard Way? People Shared Their Stories.

by Matthew Gilligan

ARImportantLesson Be careful of what you tell people. What Important Lesson Did You Learn the Hard Way? People Shared Their Stories.

Folks, we want you to listen up today…

Because we think these life lessons that people shared on AskReddit might help you avoid some of the mistakes they made.

Check out what they had to say below!

That hurts.

“I chopped about 40 habaneros for my sister.

She told me to wear gloves and I’m stupid so I didn’t. I washed my hands with soap and then went to the bathroom. Instant burning.

I thought I got something on me so I tried wiping it off/feeling for anything while visually inspecting before it clicked in my mind. It hurt for about 30 minutes.”

Keep that in mind.

“That you can’t take anything for granted in your life.

At some point, everything can be taken from you in a second.”

It ain’t fair.

“Life isn’t going to be fair or balanced.

Shi**y people don’t change, no matter what you do. They need to change from within.

Be careful of what you tell people. Be vulnerable with only people you can implicitly trust.”

Huge mistake.

“You don’t let your boyfriend of three months move in with you.

Bro immediately quit his job, became a possessive, a**sive p**ck, and refused to work for the entire two years we were together.

Follow up lesson- don’t agree to be his girlfriend just because he won’t take no for an answer.”

A big one.

“Don’t spend money like there’s no tomorrow.

Tomorrow will come and it won’t be pretty.”


“There’s always other jobs out there.

Don’t stay in a s**tty one just cuz you think no one else would hire you.”

Just the way it is.

“You are not special.

You are easily replaceable.

Your job posting will hit media before your obituary.”


“Don’t get involved with a married person.

Thought it was love and we would get married.

Can now look back and see I was being used.”

For sure.

“Never pay upfront.

I had a guy come out to my house to install a shower screen, first thing he did was reverse into my limestone wall. I felt the impact sat on the couch.

To the guy’s credit he immediately told me about it and I was like “it’s fine, the company will make it right, they’ve got insurance” etc. yeah, nah. The company just sent out the same f**king guy that did the damage along with some random product they found that “should work” to stabilise the pillar that got hit.

Then they sent out a friend to re-attach the mailbox that got knocked off, and as the saying goes the job looked great from his house. From where I was stood it looked like dogs**t, and the guy managed to spill cement all over the fucking place.

If I hadn’t paid upfront, I would have at least had some leverage to force them to fix their f**k-up. Learn from my mistake kids.”

What’s the point?

“Don’t help people who don’t listen.

My friend was in an awful relationship with a guy. He would only use her for s**, verbally a**se her, and sometimes even physically. She would tell me all of this, and every time I told her to get out and run, but she’d always make excuses.

I tried so hard, and it was also starting to take a toll on me and eventually I just learned to not say anything. She continues to be in toxic relationships, and I’ve just learned to not try and help her because she doesn’t listen.”

You better believe it!

“When I was in my late teens and very cocky my dad told me that attitude is everything.

No matter how good I was at anything no one would want to work with me if I had a bad attitude.

I eventually learned but I learned it the hard way.”

All good advice from people who learned for you!