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‘Had an MRI and Doc asked when I had back surgery. I’ve never had a single surgery in my life.’ People Who Claim To Have Been Abducted By Aliens Tell Their Stories

by Trisha Leigh

Abducted By Aliens What Happened AR Had an MRI and Doc asked when I had back surgery. Ive never had a single surgery in my life. People Who Claim To Have Been Abducted By Aliens Tell Their Stories

There’s been more alien talk than normal lately, and even if most people are pretty blase about the topic, there are always those who have a more intimate interest in the topic.

Like, for instance, those who claim to have been kidnapped at least once before.

These people fall into that category, and some of their stories just might surprise you!

Still have the scars.

I have no story. No memory of it. Had an mri and Doc asked when I had back surgery.

I’ve never had a single surgery in my life. He, Harvard grad and neurosurgeon, said I definitely have had some kind of surgery given the scar tissue along my spine.

I told him that’s where the probe went when I got abducted.

He became oddly more serious and wasn’t indicating that I was joking at all.

He looked at the film a bit longer and seemed to study them deeper this time and then said, ‘I’d bet my education that you have scar tissue from surgery’.

So, no real story. Still have the scars as per my last mri.

That sounds awful.

So sleep paralysis is a thing and accounts for most of what people experience as alien abduction. It also accounts for a lot of what people considered demon or Satanic visitation and control back before aliens were a thing in popular science.

It also accounts for a lot of what starving monks in caves who ate very little and only drank water undergoing sleep deprivation would call visions. Sleep paralysis is typically accompanied by very particular hallucinations and can lead to sufferers being able to lucid dream.

Sleep paralyisi is also likely responsible for people having near death experiences of going through tunnels towards bright lights.

Drugs affect the brain in similar but not quite the same way as SP and one of the early uses of drugs was to substitute or create a shortcut for SP.

Humans have been having SP since long before written history has been recorded as they have often been in stressful living conditions leading them to have sleep deprivation and thus prone to getting sleep paralysis.

Then I woke up.

I don’t expect anyone to believe me. I’ve tried telling this to several of my friends and once to my dad but they always thought I was just joking around or something. I wish I was.

It was 2009. I was 13. I was staying up late on the family computer on a Friday night, playing some flash game or something. I remember my mom had just gone to bed 10 minutes prior. I vividly remember typing in half the url to Addicting Games when I heard it. This weird silence.

It’s hard to explain, but all sound disappeared except for the sounds of my fingers on the keys. No crickets outside, no wind, not even the sounds of my loud computer in the room. I stopped and sat there for a second wondering if there was something wrong with me. I remember worrying I was having a stroke or something.

Then I was there. This huge space. Pitch black. I could barely make out the edges of the room but it was vaguely metallic. It was freezing. It took me a couple minutes just laying there for it to sink in what was happening, but I was floating in this giant room staring up at where the ceiling should be. There were no lights anywhere but somehow the small area I was hovering in was illuminated.

I remember kind of looking around and taking it all in, in a sort of fugue state until sound came back, only now there was this strange hum that was sort of going up and down in pitch slowly, kind of like a motor but softer and more harmonic or something. I don’t really know how to describe it but it was like there were multiple layers stacked like a chord rising up and down in this weird dissonance that made me really uneasy.

When I snapped out of it I took this huge breath and my adrenaline kicked in. I tried moving but I could only move my head. My clothes were still on, but I was just floating there, head whipping around trying to figure out what the f**k was going on. I was fully awake, possibly more awake than I’ve ever been since, I can’t tell you how intense the fear was.

Then this sound of breathing came from behind me, and what sounded like heavy, hard footsteps on a metal surface. Loud, deep exhales with almost this sort of vibration to them. I turned my head as best I could to try and see, but it was coming from beyond the light. My heart was beating so f**king hard I thought I was going to die. I started to see a figure emerging, slowly at first. My brain was having trouble registering it. It wasn’t human. It was big. As it approached the light I started to make out the features.

It was a horse. This f**king brown horse with black hair slowly walked into the light, and past me. I remember feeling the heat from its body as it did it was so close. Then it went to what looked like a door at the edge of the room closest to my feet, just where the light was starting to fall off again, and it stood up.

I heard a sort of zipper-like sound, and all of a sudden the horse collapses like skin to the ground, revealing a small humanoid figure. It turns around and looks at me with huge black eyes, then just walks out the door.

Before I could process any of this, there was suddenly a presence beside me and I turned my head just in time to see another humanoid thing putting this ball with lights on it over my face.

Then I woke up, but I didn’t wake up in my bed. I was outside my house, a couple kilometers away. My clothes were a little ripped and dirty, and I had this awful headache. I slowly got up and looked around. I was down this dirt road near my house, we lived in the countryside, and just outside the driveway of one of our neighbors.

When I realized where I was, I just walked back to my house, took an advil, and went to bed. At the time I just wanted the night to be over, and I had no idea what happened. But as time has gone on I know for a FACT that what I experienced was real. It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t sleep paralysis or sleep walking or that thing Mike Birbiglia has. It was so incredibly real.

I didn’t tell anyone about it for a long time. Years. And any time I see a horse on someone’s farm or whatever, I think about that night. I think about telling them. But what would they say?

Makes sense.

Sadly i live in Europe, they only visit USA.

That’s because Eisenhower made a deal that they could abduct a bunch of people and animals in the US as long as they gave us tech and let us keep the nukes. Allegedly.

He didn’t really mind.

They took me in the middle of the night. I was out feeding the cattle under the moonlight and then a big light came over me. Next thing I knew, i was driving down the road talking to what i later realized was my father. Or.. the person who’s body i am now in’s father.

He made a joke about the time being slow and he had seen an episode of XFiles that mentioned that time reverses when aliens abduct so they can drop you off at the same time as they picked you up. Except i think they mixed something up because i am not in the same body i left in.

I still remember my whole life before but i am 18 years younger in this body so i dont really mind.. But a few years after the incident, I went to see if the farm i once lived on was still there, but it took me a while to get there without suspicion.

Its gone. Like it never stood. Maybe it was all just a dream.


I used to be the same. When I was a kid my dad let me watch Sightings, Unsolved Mysteries, and we had those Time Life books on pyramids, UFOs, Bigfoot, etc. I read books on abductions, encounters of the 3rd kind. All that stuff.

But alongside the fascination, at night I was absolutely terrified. I was afraid to go to sleep every night because I was afraid they grays would come and get me. I still remember some of the more vivid nightmares 30+ years later. Every night I would stay in bed until 1 or so when I finally dozed off.

One time, I woke up to a bright red light shining in through my window. I couldn’t move at all, and I thought I saw shadows in the corner of my room. After what seemed like an eternity, the light went out and I could move again.

That scared me for years and years. Later, in my 20s, I would learn what sleep paralysis is and recognize that this is what had happened to me all those years ago.

I’ve slept much better since. (Also growing up and learning that all those shows were bulls**t helped too.)

Little alien baby.

Okay I never was abducted but I had this extremely realistic dream probably about 6-8 years ago now (can’t remember exactly when, but I still remember vividly). I had gotten in bed and I didn’t even remember falling asleep.

Next then I knew it felt like I was moving or being carried away by something but it didn’t feel scary. It actually felt quite peaceful and I couldn’t find it, nor did I care too. I end up laying on this cold slate, naked, in a bright room, like everything was really light grey/white and there was a bright light coming from the other end of the room.

It seemed like there was some kind of equipment or something behind me but I couldn’t turn my head to see, I felt very sleepy and out of it. Standing over me was about 3-4 silhouettes that were alien like, definitely not people. They kind of looked like people but were more lengthy. And they brought out this big probe and probed me because they wanted to make a human-alien hybrid baby to see how it would live.

Felt like only a few hours went by and they had gotten their alien baby from me and I was sent back down/woke up.

Weirdest dream ever lol. I wonder how my little star seed alien baby is doing. Hope they are thriving. 😂

Cool story, bro.

Not me but heard this story from a friend about this fella who saw a bright light in the sky and stood there staring at it. The bright light came closer and closer and it was a UFO. He looked at it and it just disappeared. Thinks “that’s weird” then gets in his car. As he’s driving he looks in the mirror and he’s suddenly got a beard.

He gets home and his girlfriend is looking at him a bit funny. He says to her “I got out of the car to look at a bright light and when I got back in the car I had grown a beard!.” She says, “nevermind the beard, where have you been for three days!”

Just a ride, they said.

I don’t know if it was really an abduction but my car broke down near their jobsite and they gave me a ride into town.

They were really nice and I already enjoyed Mexican music and the language barrier gave me a good reason to sit quietly to myself. 10/10 would take a ride from aliens again.

A real story.

I’m massively late to this thread but I have a real story. When I was young, the neighborhood kids used to play dark hide and seek or dark capture the flag, often pretty late at night. Our parents were okay with it as long as we didn’t leave the neighborhood (it was the early 90s, we were basically thrown out of the house on the weekends). Anyway, one night after the game was over and everyone had gone home, my step sister and I were hanging out in our front yard, just sitting on one of those green cable boxes talking. At one point she stops talking and points into the sky and asks about a light in the sky. I turn and look and see it myself.

The light was faint blue, and was brighter and bigger than the stares around it. It was moving in ways that seemed impossible and it became aware we were looking at it as soon as I locked eyes on it. I don’t know how to describe that I know that, it was just this immediate feeling that it was looking right back at us. Suddenly, the light moved towards us almost in the blink of an eye. It went from being roughly double the size of a star in the sky to as bright as an airplane or helicopter search light instantly. There was no sound and the light didn’t illuminate the surrounding area, which gave it a weird feeling.

I tried to say something to my sister but I found myself unable to speak and I could suddenly barely move. I just reneger turning my head to see my sister looking very scared also unable to speak or move. I thought I heard a noise and the light started shining on me, which made me turn my head back towards the object and then I felt a piercing light basically blind me. I was like bathed in the blue light. After this things get a bit hazy like I was meant to not remember it even though certain moments are as plain as any memory from that time.

I was in a place that was mostly dark but there were lights that seemed to hover by themselves, with no visible technology, pole etc holding them up. I don’t know if I was laying down or standing up because there was a feeling of no gravity or downward force in any direction. I remember interacting with an entity that was humanesque but seemed to be different – like a beautiful person but they had no male or female characteristics, completely androgynous but with very symmetrical and smooth appearance to the face and body. Otherwise, very human looking. They “talked” to me but I was acutely aware that it was in my head and not out loud. It was like moments of being conscious with moments of haziness in between. I don’t know how to describe it.

I was aware that they were doing things to me, but I don’t remember what – but I do distinctly remember a piercing device they inserted just behind my ear on my right side. It went pretty deep but it didn’t hurt, it just felt almost itchy for a second and they told me they were taking a sample and depositing something that would allow them to remotely monitor me for some time. They explained that this was not the first time they had done this to me specifically and that they would continue to do so throughout my life – and that there were literally thousands of people they were doing this to. It was a scientific study of some kind that they tried to explain to me but I honestly don’t remember the purpose.

I was able to ask them a few other things in the moments of being conscious like where my sister was and they explained she was having the same thing done to her. I asked them point blank if they were aliens and they found it humorous and told me they were humans from the future – but I got the distinct feeling that this wasn’t the truth. Again, I don’t know how to describe why I thought this, it was just a different feeling when they told me this versus the other things they were saying. It felt like a lie or simplification of some kind.

After some time of being out of it again, I became aware that my body was bathed in blue light again and the darkness started to recede and I was able to see the stars and the sky again. I don’t know how long it was before I really understood where I was but at some point I sorta came to and realized I was sitting on the grass, next to my sister, in the neighbor’s yard about 50-60 feet from the original spot. My sister came to almost at the same time. We both immediately looked at each other and then to the sky and the light was gone, but the sun was coming up. It was then we realized it had been hours. We didn’t really talk about what happened, we just felt the need to go inside and go to bed “before we got in trouble.”

It was years later before I ever spoke to my sister about that night and she remembers much less than I do. She remembers seeing the light, being blinded by it, and then feeling weird, and then waking up beside me. To this day she has explained it away by us seeing a helicopter in the sky and just falling asleep because we were tired. She won’t discuss it beyond that.

I honestly had forgotten about this event until two years ago when my wife mentioned that I had a “spot” behind my right ear that kinda looked like a burn mark or a scar but also like a pimple/mole. She likes to pop things and was dying to let me let her try to pop it. When she reminded me of it, the memories of the event flooded back into my head and I was a bit emotional but agreed to let her mess with it. She tried to pop it but said nothing came out. It’s still there, and looks exactly as she describes it – kinda like a mole but also kinda like a scar. I’ve had MRIs and other scans throughout the years but nothing has ever shown up so I have no idea what it is or if anything is inside there. I try to not think of it now because although I wasn’t scared at the time, it is unnerving to think about now. That’s my story as honestly as I remember it.

Not what they were looking for.

It was around 3.50am. I’m a night person so I usually sleep around that time. It was starting to rain outside and there was a loud constant gust of wind blowing through the cracks near my window. It was eerie and I had a weird feeling that something bad was going to happen.

I looked out the window and noticed nothing amiss except that the trees were swaying pretty violently and that one of the trees got uprooted. I turned back and saw two “aliens” by my door. They looked haggard and their backs were bent. They also did not have any limbs and their heads moved mechanically as though they were automatons. I noticed that the door was closed, so I presume they had just walked through or teleported straight into my room.

They were talking in some strange language that seemed to be half-human and half-alien and the next thing I knew, I was being tied up in some giant opaque plastic bag. There were holes so I could breathe. Somehow I feel into a deep and peaceful trance. When I woke up I was in this foreign “space”.

I could see through the holes in the plastic bag. It was as if I was in the sky and everything was floating. Then I heard footsteps. The ringleader, I presumed, came to inspect me.

He unzipped the bag and the moment he saw my face, he lets out an audible “Ew!” and immediately zipped me back up. The next thing I knew I was back in my bed.

The next thing I knew…

I was abducted outside my cousin’s wedding reception. It’s all very hazy. There were two of them and they carried these powerful hand torches they kept shining in my face. They could speak a rudimentary form of English. They kept asking questions about how much I had been drinking. (I presume because Earth is a water planet, they had questions about what we drank.)

Contrary to popular belief about anal probes, one of the aliens kept trying to make me put my pants on, not take them off, but I couldn’t find my pants just then. The other alien–who seemed to be in charge–kept talking about “disturbing the other wedding guests” and he tried to abduct my champagne bottle.

Their spacecraft had a lot of bright lights on it, mostly red and blue. They took me to their mother ship and put me in a holding area with some other humans they had also abducted that day.

The next thing I know, it was morning and I was standing on the pavement downtown outside the police station. I was very fuzzy-headed, but physically unharmed. The whole experience gave me a terrible headache. Then I threw up on the bus.

There were witnesses.

Coming back from ice fishing, the last day of the year to have ice houses on the lake. My father, sister, and I were in his truck and his friend was towing the ice house.

We were coming around the corner and his friend was a little way back. I remember watching his headlights disappear around corner in the passenger mirror. A few seconds later I looked at the little air intake a lot of vehicles in the late 80’s early 90’s had… you could pull a lever and get some ‘fresh’ airflow. I looked at that and thought everything was glowing, like I could see all the melting snow on the floor and all around the floor where my feet were.

I thought it was crazy bizarre so I looked up to my father to tell him and he was looking straight forward, white knuckling the steering wheel and all around the vehicle there was a white light, not really blinding bright, but like all the windows were frosted and it was daylight out.

I kind of shouted, maybe more concerned than anything, “Dad??!?”. I said this a few times and then the light disappeared and we were stopped just around the corner where his friends’ headlights disappeared.

He looked to he shocked and said, “Umm, I think we lost Ron, lets turn around here and see what happened.”

We turned around at a field approach right after the corner and drove 5 minutes back to the lake and his friend wasn’t there. Then we drove home and his friend was there, the ice house was already backed into the spot next to our garage and his friend seemed worried.

The ice house was big and hard to back into the little spot with just one person and Ron was already had it in place jacked up on blocks. He said he was coming to look for us since we were almost an hour late.

Traveling back to the lake to look for his friend was only a 10 minute drive round-trip.

Pretty sure we all got abducted that night.

He doesn’t like to talk about it.

My brother in law says he was abducted. Don’t know too much except he was out in the woods walking around. He was gone overnight. He never does that without letting somebody know that at least, he’s leaving. He was found the next morning completely stunned. On shock. He could barely talk.

He never really said what happened. He won’t talk about it. He said only, that they performed examinations on him. His right foot now has what I can only describe as a birth mark on his right foot. It wasn’t there before. That I know!! It wasn’t there!! Now he’s got a deep purple mark that covers most of his foot.? Wtf??

No questions.

Not sure if this was a dream or not but I remember being in some kind craft facing towards one of the walls. I felt a presence behind me and was so scared I couldn’t move at all.

Then out of nowhere I suddenly felt completely at ease. To my left out of the corner of my eye I could see a big being that almost looked like a large tardigrade behind some kind of control panel.

I turned to see another being. (Can’t really remember what this one looked like) but I remember asking if I could ask some questions. I then received a reply which came from within my own head. “No”

And that’s all I remember.

Standard issue.

They just wanted someone to explain the rules of American football. But I’ve never watched it and they got pissed at me for wasting their time.

After the standard issue butt stuff they beamed me back but it took like 3 hours to walk home.

I’m not going to lie, I’m more than a little curious.

And maybe the slightest bit envious. Maybe.