August 1, 2023 at 4:41 am

‘Permafrost is melting in Siberia.’ What World Events Are Happening Right Now That We Should All Know About?

by Matthew Gilligan

ARBadWorldEvents Permafrost is melting in Siberia. What World Events Are Happening Right Now That We Should All Know About?

There’s no doubt about it: we live in a scary, dangerous world.

And, even if you think you know about all the terrible things going on in the world, you probably haven’t heard about these events that AskReddit users talked about.

Check out what they had to say.


“Mining companies from Canada are invading/destroying the biodiversity in central America.

Quantum mining for example in Panama, you can check the pics on Google, it’s very sad as the rainforest is quite diverse in that country. All because of gold and other metals but mostly gold.

Funny how nature is protected in Canada yet these companies exploit 3rd world countries.


Up in the air.

“Avian flu virus mutated in Poland. Now it can infect cats and the mortality rate is close to 90%.

It even infects cats that never leave houses. The epidemic will probably spread to whole Europe, because birds are the vector. It is possible that it can mutate to allow transmission from cat to cat and then from cat to human, possibly even from human to human.

Mortality rate in humans is 50% (COVID is like 0.5%). If it mutates there will likely be a pandemic that will k**l probably at least 1/4 of the worlds population.”


“Here in the UK, water companies have been dumping tons of sewage into our river systems and into the sea, and some beaches have closed.

It is truly disgusting, and the whole water industry is in about £60bn of debt and could collapse.”


“One thing I haven’t seen anyone mention is the growing mold problem.

As the globe continues to get warmer and warmer, scientists say that there’s a high chance that mold will adapt to these higher temperatures.

Once that happens, it also means that it will be able to survive within our own bodies. Needless to say we’re all sorts of f**ked when that happens.”


“That we are exactly on target for societal collapse.

In 1972 MIT predicted that by 2040 this would all collapse. We have had 51 years to address this issue and as of today we have dealt with ZERO of the things we have been told needed to be addressed.

Personally, I think the faster it happens the faster the earth can start healing. We wasted this whole planet and all the billionaires can do is talk about going to colonize a new world.”


“Permafrost is melting in Siberia.

For your information, this means lots of greenhouse gases will be liberated, and also a lot of viruses and other microorganisms that are yet to be seen.”


“Russia is either accidentally or purposely causing a melt down of a power plant in Ukraine.

They pulled their workers the other day, and today announced that there’s no problem………. but if there is… that Ukraine caused it.

All engineers and scientists familiar with the situation say a disaster is inevitable.”

Out of control.

“Capitalism has run out of control and wealth inequality is reaching crisis levels, but everyone is just trying to keep their heads above water so there’s no energy or enthusiasm for doing anything about it.”

Seems like it.

“The takeover of selfish people.

More and more people in charge nowadays, whether in the government or corporations, are becoming more and more selfish. The 1% has been making the 99% suffer more and more lately, trying to squeeze all the money out of you.

At least, that’s what it feels like.”


“The fact that Antarctica is melting faster than ever. All the animals down there are being starved of their food.

The only people to blame are ourselves yet we weren’t doing anything to change it. Especially people who have the power and money to help, using it to just increase the process.”


“The U.S.A is drifting further away from civility and Common Cause and fragmenting into ever-crazier subsets.

People naturally find this worrisome and are choosing the fringe in which they want to be aligned. We are more and more fractured and less prone to find consensus. Democracy, TRUE Democracy, is taking a beating.

My worry is that a plurality of voters will accept an authoritarian as President… even worse than we’ve had. And if American Democracy fails the world is in big trouble.”

My advice?

Keep your eyes and ears open to hear ALL views. You never know what’s going to be proven right.