August 5, 2023 at 2:33 am

What Is A Weird Flex You Are Proud Of?

by Justin Gardner

Weird Flex Proud Of What Is A Weird Flex You Are Proud Of?

We want you to be honest with us…

What’s your weirdest flex that you’re proud of?

Something that’s totally unique to YOU?

While you think of yours, check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

Nice work!

“I went viral and got a million+ views on YouTube in 2007 for a silly rap about the Nintendo Wii I made out of boredom, before that was a common thing, and before there were ads on YouTube.

My video was featured on the front page of YT, on Attack of the Show, and at Nintendo’s E3 press conference that year, and was one of the first hundred videos available on the iPhone (since iOS didn’t support Flash video at the time)…and while I felt like the coolest kid in town and at my campus for a period, I made exactly $0 for it.”

Good recovery.

“After a traumatic brain injury in 2012 that should have absolutely ki**ed me, I’ve been able to rebuild my cognitive ability to a point that my IQ tests in the 120s.”

Like the back of your hand.

“I can estimate within about a 20 mile radius where you’re from in Ireland based on your accent and can even hear mixed accents of emigrants.

I once asked a guy I had been randomly talking to for 5 minutes if he grew up in Tralee and spend 20ish years in the Watford/Hemel Hempstead area in England.

He was shocked because that’s exactly what his accent was.”

Still got it.

“I memorized a monologue from A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the 8th grade for a drama class.

I somehow committed it to long term memory because at 30 years old.

I can still perform the whole thing from memory.”


“I’ve finished three whole chapsticks in a row without losing them.”


“I got my dear deceased best friend onto an episode of Sesame Street into a bit with Elmo by planting her pic out of sight on one of 3 props I created for it.

She worked at a school and had fallen in love with Elmo because the kids loved him and she loved making kids happy and taking part in their learning process.

It had already been many years since she passed and i finally felt like i had some tiny peekaboo of a monument to the awesome person she was. I miss her to this very day.”

Success story.

“8 years ago I was a broke college student and my roommate that worked at a local pizza place I’d never eaten at brought home a burnt pizza.

I ate a slice and it was incredible, I exclaimed “If they ever put that place up for sale I’d definitely buy it, this pizza’s amazing.”

I got a job there a few weeks later as a busser. Started serving a few months later. Became a manager when I graduated a year later. Bought the store about 3 years ago.

I never actually intended to buy the restaurant when I said that, but ended up doing it anyways.”

Got it all covered.

“I have a drivers license, motorcycle endorsement, pilots license, and boaters license.

I can legally operate a vehicle on/in any medium earth offers.”

Smart move.

“After s**king at least 10 cig**ettes a day since I was 15, I quit when I was 40.

I just decided to quit, put them down and never touched a cig**ette again. Turning 60 this year.”

A big help.

“I took over a new position in the same company, made a few minor adjustments and thus reduced the printer usage and paper waste by ~87%.”


“I was voted Best Psychic in my town by a local free newspaper in 2007.

I am not now, nor was I in 2007, a psychic.”

My weird flex?

I can do a handstand for a whole minute.

It took a LONG time and a LOT of practice.

Very proud of that.