September 25, 2023 at 12:58 am

‘Last time I checked it had like 7 million likes.’ Disney Worker Tells People That The Viral “Free Shirt” Hack Isn’t Real

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@t_blatt

It appears some Walt Disney World staff have had it with an annoying fake hack, with people now angrily demanding free shirts!

A viral TikTok which had millions of views, led to Disney customers attending the park, sometimes wearing unsuitable tops, to try to bag a free Disney shirt!

But when they weren’t getting that free shirt – some were getting angry!  Not cool.

Tyson Blonder, Disney cast member, is putting that myth to an end with his own TikTok.

Source: TikTok/@t_blatt

Tyson, who resembles a Disney prince, it has to be said, told his followers:  “I’ve worked here for five years and I’ve been reacting to Disney hacks to give you the best possible vacation that I can. There’s no hate to this girl at all. Obviously never with any of these videos. I’m not trying to bash anyone. If you see a hack and you can get something for free why would you not try it.

He continued: “But I just wanna talk about it because you’re going to notice a theme.  Basically what the hack is, you wear a shirt that isn’t modest for a family theme park. And Disney will then give you a free shirt.  It happened ONE time to someone.  They made a TikTok about it and it went viral.”

Okay Tyson, what’s wrong?  This isn’t sounding very fairytale!

Source: TikTok/@t_blatt

“Last time I checked it had like 7 million likes… that’s insane,” Tyson said, “And then everyone started trying it!”

Uh oh. We see where this is going, dude. Some folks are a little too Goofy?!

Source: TikTok/@t_blatt

Tyson said Disney always tried to give people the best vacations and tried to be there if something was wrong.  That’s why the company provided that ONE shirt, he added.

However, now people are “angry when they don’t get free shirts,” he explained.


And that means Disney “have to get rid of it for everyone.”

“The real Disney hack here is, if something magical happens to you, oh my gosh, please do not advertise it as something that you can do every time. Abusing these hacks, takes away from people that really do need these free things. They’re gonna give the ultimatum of buying the shirt or leaving… If you don’t want to abide by the rules of this private business, they can deny entry, so… It’s just not worth the time, so just bring another shirt just in case.”

This is not a Disney ending, so perhaps listen to the guy!

Watch the full clip here:


Please be respectful to the cast members who are just doing the job they got hired for! #waltdisneyworld #themeparks #disney #dcp #disneyhacks #disneyland

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This lady’s all about Goofy for the right reasons!

Source: TikTok/@t_blatt

That’s a fair reason to get a free shirt!  This was a child in need back in the day!

Source: TikTok/@t_blatt

Oh man, the lengths some folk will go to… There are NO FREE SHIRTS.  Just like there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

Source: TikTok/@t_blatt

So yeah… leave those Disney workers alone!