September 15, 2023 at 5:39 pm

‘Flight attendant walked by, snatched it without asking.’ This Aunt Had To Throw Away Her 3-Year-Old’s Snack Box Because A Flight Attendant Was Grabby

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Twitter/@dynamicallydara

Taking trips on planes these days seems to be more and more of a headache with delays, long lines, and other factors contributing to the overall experience.

And here’s a new issue you can add to the list: what kind of food you carry on a plane.

A woman named Dara shared her story in a series of tweets about what happened to her when she flew with her 3-year-old nephew from St. Louis to Dallas on American Airlines.

Dara said that a flight attendant took her nephew’s custom-made snack box away and Dara ended up throwing the box away after some back and forth.

She was obviously pretty fired up about what happened and she didn’t hold back while telling her story.

This is how the story started…

And then she decided to get into detail with a series of tweets about what happened next.

Are y’all ready for this?!?!

Hang on tight and see what she had to say.

The woman said the flight attendant and the snack box disappeared for a while and she decided to throw the whole thing away when it was returned to her.

And she was so upset about what went down that she decided to have a talk with the flight attendant after the plane landed.

The woman said that the flight attendant apologized but she wasn’t satisfied.

She then took on the airline industry as a whole.

Whew! That was quite a ride.

Here’s what people had to say about what happened.

American Airlines actually tweeted at her and apologized for what happened.

This person said this was too much food for a little kid AND added that this woman needs to choose her battles.

And one reader said this woman acted like a major DRAMA QUEEEN.

Well, the reaction to this was definitely a lot more mixed than I first thought it would be.

You’re okay with people just snatching things from somebody else? If this woman has her own standards of cleanliness, that’s her business, right?

Y’all got opinions!