September 24, 2023 at 1:33 am

Her Son’s GF Screamed At Her Daughter, So She Threatened To Kick Her Out. Was She Wrong?

by Justin Gardner

Source: Reddit/AITA

Do you have adult children? Do they live in your house? Do their significant other live in your house too?

If you answered yes to all of those question… do we have a story for you!

This mom let her son bring his girlfriend to stay with them, but now the girlfriend isn’t treating her daughter very well.

What did the mom have to say about that?

Check out this story to get all the details…

AITA for telling my son’s girlfriend if she treats my daughter like that again she’ll be out of the house?

“I’m a single mother, and I live with my two kids, Adam (M24) and Zoe (F15).

Adam pays me rent, but pays significantly less than he would be paying if he went to go live elsewhere, even with roommates. Rent is very expensive in our area and he’s living with me whilst working full-time so he can save up for a deposit on a house.

Around a month ago, Adam asked if his girlfriend of 10 months, Millie (F23), could stay in his room as she doesn’t get along with her parents and was struggling to find somewhere to live. I agreed because they’re both adults and I’ve met Millie quite a few times and I thought she was a really nice girl.

At first it was going fine, but last week something happened. I came home from work a few hours early, and I walked in on Millie yelling in Zoe’s face and swearing at her. Millie went silent when she noticed me and I asked what the hell was going on. Millie ran off into her and Adam’s room and Zoe was crying. I asked Zoe what happened and she said that she accidentally spilled pepsi on Millie’s jeans and that she tried to apologise but Millie blew up at her.

I knocked on the door and told Millie we need to talk. I asked her for her side of the story, Millie accused Zoe of spilling her drink on purpose and pretending it was an accident, and said that they are very expensive jeans. I told Millie that I would get Zoe to wash her jeans for her.

Millie had a blank look. I asked Millie what she thinks could help make things right, to which she said “I dunno”. I told her that I understand she’s annoyed but she doesn’t get to treat my minor daughter like that, and that if she does it again she’ll be out, if she has another problem involving Zoe that isn’t an emergency, she should contact me before taking it into her own hands.

I left it at that. Zoe washed her jeans and gave them back to her clean and dry the next day. Millie told Adam what happened and they’re both accusing me of being unfair, and said my comment about Millie being out was abusive. I think what I did was perfectly fair.

I told my older sister about what happened and asked what she thinks, and she said I’m being too harsh on Adam and Millie, and said I need to chill.”

Reddit weighed in, as they always do…

Sounds like the mom learned something about the girlfriend…

Source: Reddit/AITA

And it might be time for those two to move out…

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Remember… this is YOUR house, mom!

Source: Reddit/AITA

There’s no good reason why they should be getting angry at the mom.

If they don’t like the rules, they can find some other place to live.

Sorry, not sorry.