September 6, 2023 at 5:40 pm

‘My wife went tandem skydiving and her main chute didn’t open.’ People Talk About Things They’ll Never Do Again in Their Lives

by Matthew Gilligan

ARNeverAgain My wife went tandem skydiving and her main chute didnt open. People Talk About Things They’ll Never Do Again in Their Lives

One and done.

Sometimes, you try things that are unpleasant, scary, or just “not your thing” and you vow to never do them again.

We all have things like that, right?

See how yours matches up against what AskReddit users had to say about this.

Hell no!

“I did the Wild Cave Tour at Mammoth Cave where it’s like a 6 hour caving adventure and I’ll never do it again.

I didn’t think I was claustrophobic but crawling through spaces so narrow you have to lay flat on your stomach and shimmy your body with no room to even lift your head or turn around. Never again.

Some of the areas you crawl through are so tiny that they actually have height and chest circumference limits so people don’t get stuck.”

Too old for that.

“Lining up early in the day at a concert with General Admission tickets so I can get to the front row.

Then never leaving that spot for the entire concert so I can hold my spot while the main act performs.”


“Climb the Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii.

I took the legal route; there were several escarpments and super narrow trails.

One bad step and you can d** up there.”

Close call.


My wife went tandem skydiving and her main chute didn’t open and they had to use the reserve.

Then about a year later her friend called her and said one of the instructors they had went with had d**d in an accident.”

Never again.

“Get married.

I lost my husband to cancer 7 years ago when he was 48 and I was 45.

I can’t imagine ever loving someone that much again.”

Look after your back.

“Ride a roller coaster.

Y’all take care of your back, because when it goes, your life choices are reduced.”

Good for you.

“M**h. 17 years sober.

Didn’t realize it had been so long. Was feeling like s**t today but that’s cheered me up. So glad I’m nowhere near having that life. I remember sitting on a bed somewhere (use your imagination) just praying to a God I didn’t believe in to get me out of there.

Had a lot of hell from that point still to come but that was the tipping point. I was going to leave that life if I had to go scorched earth on everything I had & everyone I knew.”

Sounds horrible.

“Be a police dispatcher. I did it for two months.

My coworkers sucked and were super annoying but I found the job to be pretty easy up until I got a call from someone who’s friend posted s**idal stuff online and they are calling to do a welfare check.

A few month before I was that person calling and my friend ended up ki**ing himself. I froze. Decided it’s not for me. My coworkers all being dogs**t people didn’t help.

One was super r**ist against Asian people. Anytime someone would have an Asian name after she got off the phone with them she would either say “they speak very good engrish” or “they don’t speaky da engrish very well”

A guy got shot and called 911 for help and d**d on the phone with one of my coworkers. When she was describing the call to us she was crying laughing when describing the guy gasping for air and playing it out for us.

She also talked about all the times she drank and drive. I reported her to HR then a couple months later she was chosen as dispatcher of the year.”

One is enough.

“Have another child. I have one.

And if I knew then what I know now about myself, my mental health, and my abilities as a parent I would not have had even one child. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kid to death, but watching them go through s**t is tough.

And knowing that I have caused some of their troubles fucking sucks. I’ve actively tried to be a better human and parent and there are a lot of positives – we’re close, they’re a good kid, we’re in therapy together. But fuck man, I wish I had known more about myself.”

Not casual.

“Casually date someone who is already casually dating a friend.

Pro Tip: It’s never that casual. There are almost always more feelings involved than everyone is willing to admit, and at least one person is going to walk away hurt. If you’re new to the party, there’s a good chance it’s going to be you.

In general, casually dating people beyond a few “get to know you” dates is probably not my bag. Good chunk of that is on me – I need to build up my confidence – but I’m just not a competitive person, and have no interest in trying to “win” over a gaggle of guys. Take em, I’ll find someone else, or I won’t.”

Very reasonable responses here.

Me? I’ll never have a kid.

No thanks.