September 19, 2023 at 4:33 pm

‘Now my daughters are mad I didn’t stick up for her.’ Her Daughter Violated The Dress Code And She Agreed With The School. Was She Wrong?

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

There are always stories floating around about girls who got “dress coded” unfairly, or about dress code policies that apply to women and not men.

In those cases, we love to see parents standing up for their kids – but do we always have to fight back?

OP has three children and the older two never had an issue with the school’s dress code, which is basically that no undergarments are allowed to show.

This is about my youngest, I would like to start off saying the dress-code is very reasonable, the rule is don’t see undergarments and this affects the guys more than the girl (the pants not being held up boxers are seen thing).

I have three kids and the older two have never been dress coded.

Her youngest daughter got a violation for wearing a sheer swim coverup and made to change into her gym clothes as a result.

Now my daughter came home and she was in her gym clothes since she got dress-coded. It came with a school email and a picture of the shirt. They took the picture after my daughter changed and it was a swimtop coverup. It’s sheer.

This makes complete sense to me why she was dress-coded, she got a warning and that was that.

OP was like, ok well that’s a violation but her daughters think she should have stood up to administration.

Now my daughters are mad that I didn’t stick up for her. My sister is now on my ass since the kids told her and they all think I am a jerk.

So outside opinions on this.

Does Reddit agree? Let’s jump into the discussion!

The top comment says they don’t see anything to fight in this case.

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This person says rules have consequences and maybe she’s learned that now.

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They say everyone needs to realize that rules are rules.

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They’re all for fighting, but not when there’s no leg to stand on.

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After all you have to pick your battles.

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I’m not even sure what her daughters are mad about with this one.

It seems like a reasonable policy that she knowingly violated.