September 8, 2023 at 1:26 am

People Dream Of Being Rich, But What Do Rich People Dream About? People Share Their Thoughts.

by Trisha Leigh

RichPeopleFantasies People Dream Of Being Rich, But What Do Rich People Dream About? People Share Their Thoughts.

If you’re not rich (so, most of us) you might fantasize about what it might be like to have all the money you could ever need.

If you have all of the money you could ever need, does that mean you have no fantasies at all?

These folks say no, and they think they know just what rich people are dreaming about now that they have it all.

Too soon?

seeing the titanic

The only real currency.

Time is the real currency of life and it’s the only truly non renewable resource.

Being admired.

People are saying joke answers and that’s cool, but I think that something that rich people become fixated on is being admired.

You’ve got food, shelter.

You’ve got resources for you and your children.

You’ve got vacations and toys and options.

But what do people think about when they hear your name?

That’s what makes Bill Gates launched the Gates Foundation. That’s why they donate huge sums and get their names on buildings. That’s why Andrew Carnegie built the public buildings he did later in his life. That’s why they join nonprofit boards and host fundraisers. That’s literally why Alfred Nobel started the Nobel peace prize (it worked!!! His name is far more associated with peace than with his most popular invention——dynamite).

Rich people want to be admired. Or maybe all people want to be admired, but rich people can afford to focus on it, because they have food and homes and time. The way that some poor schmuck fantasizes about hitting the Powerball. Some rich schmuck fantasizes about being remembered as something better than a schmuck.

The grass is always greener.

I know a guy who worked for Barbara Streisand and apparently she was upset that her Picasso (an original) wasn’t as nice as someone else’s.

Grass is always greener I guess.

Regular stuff.

Remember that weird ass video that Mark Zuckerberg did of him grilling stuff? I imagine they fantasize about being a hardworking “middle class” person doing regular stuff just to get by.

Simpler times.

I once had a chance to spend a few moments in idle conversation with a multimillionaire, and he told me that having money just takes the mask off of the problems that most people argue about when they think they’re arguing about money.

Based on that, I’d guess many of them daydream about simpler times.

A little joy.

I can’t speak as someone who is rich because I’m not, but my ex was a multimillionaire.

We came from wildly different economic backgrounds. I grew up poor, in a low income neighborhood. She grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood.

She received an inheritance early in our relationship, and to keep things short, let’s just say she never has to work a day in her life again.

Family wise, we both grew up and experienced adversity. We were both raised in dysfunctional households.

The major difference was how we dealt with high stress situations. I’ve always been quick on my feet and learned at an early age how to work around adversity despite sometimes it being unhealthy. I learned, at a young age, that I had to deal with my problems and find solutions in order to move forward with life and enjoy what I had.

I think her experiences, which are totally valid, were difficult, but I don’t think she ever knew how to provide for herself, how to soothe or heal and move forward because of the safety nets available to her. It gravely affected her and was ultimately why we broke up. We had fundamentally different views on life and how to solve problems.

I always think back to when we shared our life experiences and we related on a lot of things, but she was angry at me for “going through worse things” and not developing BPD, which she suffered from.

I loved her and I hope someday she learns to love herself, forgive herself, and learn that life doesn’t always have to be a cruel experience. You gotta take life as it comes at you and make the best of it, despite the pain. There is joy in life.

Friends and connection.

I have a friend who is really really rich, like “money is not an issue” rich.

I asked him one day, jokingly, “Lol mate, what do you want for your birthday? We are legit giving up buying you anything”

He said

Nothing mate, just come over to my birthday party and i will be really happy

So i guess, Friends and Connection?

Maybe that’s why they are rich.

Winning the lottery.

I’ve never met a rich person who believed him/herself to be rich.

Who wants that?

Living forever.

I remember Bill Gates basically saying that in an AMA here five or six years ago. Someone asked the question basically saying obviously you have everything you could ever want, is there any goals you have for the future and he gave a simple response like, “Not die.”

Nothing easy.

Meaningful relationships


Long life


Impact / attention / fame / influence

A whole dollar.

Betting a dollar on switching the lives of two people on opposite sides of the social hierarchy and observing the results of nature versus nurture in the development of a person.


Not living next door to poor people that have won the lottery.

If you can tell.

Real friends.

the rich don’t know who are their friends and who are leeches.

More of the same.

Most rich people fantasize about having even more money. There’s always a better home to be had in the Hamptons. Perhaps your $6M home is embarrassingly shabby compared to your neighbors’ $20M home. Maybe you are sad you don’t also have a luxury home on Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, the Outer Banks, or La Jolla.

What is one private jet when you can have two and not have to share with your wife. Easier for you both to have affairs that way.

There’s always a Foundation to start, a politician to be bought, a society to impress.

The ability to complain.

one of my friends is fuck you rich, like family business makes 50 million in profit every year rich.

He once complained to me about how no one takes his problems seriously, they always say you have money so you cant complain.

I don’t know if I’m buying it.

Because whatever they want, they’re probably just buying it!