September 3, 2023 at 2:41 pm

People Share Stories About Why Kids Were Expelled From Their Schools

by Matthew Gilligan

Expelled School Do Actually People Share Stories About Why Kids Were Expelled From Their Schools

This is gonna be fun, friends!

Because today we’re going to hear stories from AskReddit users about why bad boys and girls were expelled from their schools.

Let’s get it started!

And let’s get scandalous!


“Russian exchange student in high school.

Chased a squirrel, caught it, it bit him, so he swung it by the tail against a tree.

He was expelled for having a detailed map of the school with locations where he wanted to place b**bs and a list of students he wanted to k**l and how he was going to do it.”

Not good…

“For lifting up his shorts and exposing his balls through the leg hole to the principal while said principal was escorting potential investors for the school.”

That’s a new one!

“He ran through the cafeteria at lunch naked wearing a backpack that he had set on fire.”

Bad boy.

“He kept getting caught having s** in the gymnastics room.

They literally had cameras in the room and he kept bringing girls there between classes.

Got caught like 5 times before he got expelled.”


“Playing kickball in gym class, a kid kicked his shoe off and his bag of weed came flying out right to the teacher’s feet!”

A sign of things to come.

“The final straw was when he lit a ci**rette in French class and refused to put it out.

S**ked it all. He was 13.

I see him every now and again and he’s a mess.”


“He kicked my friend in the a** so hard it broke his tail bone.

He literally broke my friend’s a**.”

What the what?

“Walked out of English class to talk to another kid in the hall. The teacher was real lax so she didn’t care he walked out to talk to this guy.

Fight breaks out in the hall. Teacher runs out, other teachers come help break up the fight. One teacher asks the kid that walked out class why they were fighting and he said “He stole my w**d.”

Kid who left class was selling and the kid in the hall tried to walk off without paying. Any other BS excuse would have just got him suspended.”

No more of that.

“He s**bbed another kid with a letter opener he made in shop class.

We didn’t make letter openers in shop class after that.”

A terrible idea.

“He made a b**b threat online.

Most of the school skipped out the day he did because they didn’t want to blow up. I was one of the poor souls with no social media so I came in to school, not knowing there was a frickin’ B**B THREAT! I also had a mom who was unfazed and just told me, “You’ll be fine. Go to class,” when I called her.

I didn’t learn until the next day that he had been apprehended and expelled. What scared me was I knew him for years and he never seemed like the kind of person to go that far.

He was a class clown, but I never thought he would take that as even a joke. Apparently he did have a b**b, but it thankfully never made it to the school grounds.”

What an moron.

“Thought he was funny and decided to grab the SRO (student resource officers) gun.

Our SRO also happened to be part of SWAT. He did this as we all left end of day, crowded hall. I remember this vividly over 20 years later. This was also post-Columbine by like a month.

Kid got slammed into a wall put in cuffs. Arrested and expelled immediately.”

All the regret!