September 29, 2023 at 10:47 am

Server Tried To Give An Ice Cream Sundae To A 4-Year-Old For His Birthday, But The Manager Said No. He Did It Anyway.

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@mineonthemap

Awww this guy is the cutest!

He was all ready to break the rules and give a four-year-old FREE ice-cream to celebrate his birthday!

But his boss sure wasn’t as altruistic. And tries to stop him.

Source: TikTok/@mineonthemap

But he persisted: “I thought we could spare a little ice-cream for a four-year-old’s birthday.”

And then his boss continued! Giving out ice-cream was against company policy, apparently!

Source: TikTok/@mineonthemap

The worker tells his boss that the child’s mom could tell her friends all about a ice-cream U-turn and the store could lose customers,

But if he was allowed to do this one thing, she could come back and next time bring her friends.

Well… he didn’t listen.

Source: TikTok/@mineonthemap

“I gave that little man his ice-cream and it made his whole day,” he told his followers.

Though his manger was still “pressed” at him, he said he didn’t “really care”.

This is a Summer job, after all and he’s quitting next week.

He added: “If you come across a rule that’s that stupid, bend it a bit, brighten somebody’s day.”

We absolutely love this guy! Pass it on!

Here’s the full clip:


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And y’all loved this clip too, yay!

This boss would applaud this worker!

Source: TikTok/@mineonthemap

And yes, mom sure did raise him right!

Source: TikTok/@mineonthemap

But there were still some folks who didn’t think the cost was worth it.

Source: TikTok/@mineonthemap

Yeah, it’s a little bit of ice cream.

Calm down people.