September 7, 2023 at 5:38 am

Some Lifelong Bachelors Muse On What “Touches” They Noticed After A Woman Moved In

by Trisha Leigh

WhatIsAWomansTouch Some Lifelong Bachelors Muse On What Touches They Noticed After A Woman Moved In

There’s an age-old descriptor known as the “woman’s touch,” mostly used to describe what happens to a home once a woman moves in and puts her stamp on things.

These men had been lifelong bachelors, and they say they definitely noticed more than a few things that were different after that status finally changed.

It’s a whole other level.

I came home once from work. She’d made an awesome dinner. Put cut up strawberries in the salad.

Strawberries guys. It was game over.

Been married nine years now and she’s still doing everything on a strawberries-in-the-salad level.

Blankets and pillows.

So many blankets everywhere.

So many f**king throw pillows. I can’t sit on the couch without moving some. And then where am I supposed to put them?

I’m ok with decorating, but not when it gets in the way of an objects function.

A whole zoo.

Sanrio. I thought it was just that kitty. It’s a whole zoo.


She made a raised flower bed in my backyard and planted a nice little vegetable garden.

I mow the lawn and occasionally rake the leaves when they fall. Also trim the two big bushes we have in then backyard once a year. Even that feels like too much yard work for me (but I’m too cheap to pay someone else to do it for me). She likes digging in the dirt. I don’t, never did

A real home.

Before my wife moved in (girlfriend at that time) I lived with a friend and our flat looked pretty bad, more like a university student flat than anything else. Zero decorations, old furniture from the landlord, horrible cream colour walls, etc. Since we were always at work and barely home it was not a problem for us. Living abroad I always considered it a temporary place and didn’t have much attachment to it so didn’t want to spend time and money to improve the space.

Once she moved in we slowly started making it into a real home. We painted the walls, bought furniture, plants, hung some photos, bought a cat etc. It made such a huge difference and improved our quality of life tbh

Plant love.

I’ve always liked cacti and succulents, probably because they were satisfying to have and easy to keep alive, enter my girlfriend who is “obsessed” with plants.

I dont live with her but since getting together, all of a sudden I have multiple non succulent plants I never planned on getting

A little decoration.

The million shampoo bottles and all the seasonings

and the decorative hair strands that stick to the walls.

Who knew?

Apparently I am supposed to have pictures of my loved ones in my house.

Who knew?

No more, sir.

I couldn’t keep my motorcycle in the living room or my tools and parts in the kitchen cabinets anymore

A house into a home.

My house is plain as f**k.

My ex had it looking like a home. Decor/rugs/wall hangings etc etc. It was 10x better. She took it all when she left and I never got around to trying it out myself. I should tho.

It really looked so much better.

Bless her.

Pictures, curtains, cushions. Little tables to put your drinks on. Coasters! So much stuff, bless her.

A single candle.

A friend of mine -who grew up with his dad and two brothers- told me they found out his dad had a girlfriend when suddenly a candle appeared in the livingroom out of nowhere.

Tiny socks.

Tiny ankle socks everywhere. We broke up 7 years ago, and I still occasionally find one in some forgotten corner of the house.

Same with underwear. I think i’ve finally thrown it out and oops, there’s another set in the basket. At this point i swear they’re breeding.


Worked on a ship when a female cook-steward started working there, before the crew were all male.

Within a couple of days the mess and galley were transformed.

Tablecloths, curtains, coasters, it was really all new, the galley became a water-cooler kinda place where you always could go to have a chat and get a snack, the galley always smelled of cooking and she was listening to her radio.

It was a real game changer from the former grumpy guy and sterile setting. Our skipper loved it.

Just in case.

We now have, without exaggeration, 15 end tables in the house.

4 more in the attic just in case.

The nerve.

She replaced my cardboard box with an end table. Unnecessarily.

Clean and organized.

my messy fridge turned into a very clean and organized refrigerator

It might be s*xist, but it might also be true.

I suppose only those who have been there know for sure.