September 16, 2023 at 5:31 am

‘Their faces will be priceless when they come home to a half-empty house.’ They Told Her She Had To Leave Because She Didn’t Contribute. So She Left On Her Terms.

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Roommate situations can be tricky, and the thing is, even if you think you’ve found some good ones, things can go from good to fine to bad in the blink of an eye.

OP lived with two sisters who wanted to get her to move out so one of their boyfriends could move in. So, they confronted her with a bunch of rude, abusive, and false accusations.

It became apparent to me last week that my roommates were trying to drive me out of the house to get one of their boyfriends in on my lease.

When I told them I wanted to stay, they started staging incidents/messes around the house so they could yell at me for them and it all came to a head when they called a meeting with me two days ago.

One of them had to hold the other back as she screamed at me that she hated me and I was not welcome in the building.

They proceeded to tell me that I contributed nothing to the house and wasted their space and that they had gotten in with the landlady and convinced her to not renew my lease in June.

OP went to talk to the landlady and learned that while they could, in fact, decide to kick her out they could not make her pay her part of the rent after she did.

I told them I’d talk to the landlady and when they said they were the heads of the house I laughed and went on with my day. I spoke to the landlady and she acknowledged that they were out of hand and while she had given them the power to not renew my lease, she also said I could move out whenever and not pay for a single day I wasn’t there.

So, she waited until she knew they were going to be gone for several hours and packed up all of the things she “didn’t contribute,” leaving a largely empty apartment.

So, yesterday when my roommates both left to visit family (they are sisters), I immediately called everyone I knew and vacated the house of everything I owned. I took the curtains, the rugs, all the cat toys and even the cat tower that I had made with my mom.

I took all of their things off my shelves and other furniture and stacked them in the middle of the now nearly empty living room.

I snapped pictures of everything, handed the keys to the landlady and immediately left.

She’s blocked them and is moving on, but is also feeling pretty good at putting them in their place before she left.

They won’t be back to the house until tomorrow. I’ve blocked them on everything so I won’t get any angry messages, but I’m sure their faces will be priceless when they come home to a half-empty house with hundreds of dollars in storage and furniture gone.

So much for me not contributing anything to the house, now I actually don’t.

They also have to find someone else to take up the lease till boyfriend can move in when June comes around or they have to pick up my rent.

Feels pretty good.

Is Reddit giving her a virtual high-five? Let’s see!

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This young lady appears to have it all together.

I hope she finds better living arrangements soon.