September 23, 2023 at 10:19 am

What Was Loved by Poor People Until Rich Folks Ruined It? Here’s What People Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

If I was asked this question, I think my answer would be street food.

Remember when you used to be able to buy burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and tacos from little stands and trucks on the street and it was all really CHEAP?

Yeah, those days are pretty much gone…

Now every hipster in every city and town has a food truck or a food cart and the prices are outrageous.

But it is what it its…

Let’s see how AskReddit users answered this question.


“Food banks.

My local food bank put out a news article basically saying that rich people need to stop using the food bank as a “life hack” to lower their grocery bills.”

I’ve noticed this lately.

“Champion brand clothes.

I had a lot when I was a kid because it was the cheapest possible and now all that **** is considered “vintage”.”

Not the same.


It used to be so useful to get all kinds of cheap or unique things.

Then more and more big commercial sellers joined the club and eventually ebay itself forgot about what and who made their platform a success in the first place.”

The good, old days…

“Living in warehouses in the industrial, rundown side of town.

Then they tore down all the real lofts to build condos they call lofts.”

Blue collar.

“Blue collar neighborhoods in cities.

Not just houses in general, but poor neighborhoods in particular are being ****** over. You can see the tale here in the property history on

Lots and lots of houses previously on the market for $50,000, bought, and then flipped and listed for $250k to $300k in a ZIP code where the median income is $34.5k, which is a good $20k less than the median income for the city.

Shockingly, no one wants to spend $300k for a **** remodel in the ‘hood, so most of these houses sit empty unless/until they’re put on AirBNB.”



They started as a potentially cheap alternative to hotels run by people who have extra space they aren’t doing anything with.

Now people build guest houses specifically for Airbnb and treat It like a full on rental.”


“The tiny house thing made me so upset because when they first started as a trend, they were like “houses are crazy expensive so let’s design them to be more economical” and I had a faint glimmer of hope that I’d maybe be able to afford a (very small) house after all one day.

And then about a month later they were all $200k+ because people rich people found out about it. Poor people see “affordable”, rich people see “bargain”.”

Out of control.

“Counterculture-based festivals.

Burning Man was on my bucket list until rich ***** started showing up with bodyguards and started establishing private zones.”

What happened?

“I went to a farmer’s market where only one vendor was selling fruits and vegetables.

There were three boutique honey stands, and an old white lady selling ‘native’ art. St Philips Plaza in Tucson for anyone who knows what Im talking about.

So dumb.”



Blue collar workers needed the durability, then celebrities wore “fashionably” and drove up the price.”


“Eating salmon.

Fish used to be poor man’s food.

Now you pay absurd amounts for the tiniest piece.”

Down the tubes.

“Florda beaches.

It used to be a cheap thing to do with the family. Mom and pop hotels and local diners.

Now it is $300/hotels with $5 coffee. Parking is expensive and there is little beach access. Kinda sucks to see it happen.”

The neighborhood pub.

“Proper local pubs, affected by expanding cities ( Manchester in my case).

Ruined by greedy breweries trying to attract upmarket clientele, or selling out for demolition and the building of apartments that locals cannot afford…”

Why can’t we have nice things?!