September 17, 2023 at 12:18 pm

‘You don’t look like a teenager.’ A Bartender Said That A Woman Got Mad When She Didn’t I.D. Her

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@sam_d0ll

Bartenders are like therapists for people who don’t really feel like going to therapy.

They listen to the problems of customers and they also have to try not to offend people about their ages when it comes to I.D.’ing them.

A bartender named Sam posted a video on TikTok and said to viewers, “Tell me wtf u would do in this situation.”

In the video, Sam said, “Ok let’s say that an older woman and a young woman, call them a mother and daughter, come up to your bar…and order a drink. So you ask the daughter for her ID and like clockwork, the mom says, ‘Oh, you don’t want my ID?”


Source: TikTok/@sam_d0ll

Sam then talked about the different options she has in this kind of situation. She said, “Option one: you go ‘oh yeah, give me your ID. Option two: you ask for both IDs to begin with so that you can just avoid this whole interaction, even though again…I have eyes and I can see you’re of age.”

And she continued, “Option three: they say ‘you don’t want to see my ID,’” to which Sam sarcastically rebuts, “Do you wanna show me your ID? Hope they laugh instead of getting offended.”

Source: TikTok/@sam_d0ll

She also talked about how some customers who are clearly old enough to drink get offended when she DOESN’T ask for their I.D.

Sam said, “I’m not saying you don’t look young. I’m saying you don’t look like a teenager. You’re an adult.”

I guess you just can’t win either way…

Source: TikTok/@sam_d0ll

Take a look at what she had to say.


service industry complexities 🥴

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Here’s how people responded.

This viewer told a pretty funny bartending story.

Source: TikTok/@sam_d0ll

Another person shared what they would have said.

Source: TikTok/@sam_d0ll

And this individual never wants to be I.D.’d ever again.

Source: TikTok/@sam_d0ll

The lesson to learn?

Just age gracefully.