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‘Patients quickly moved with him to the new practice.’ Their Uncle Was Mistreated By His Employer Because Of His Nationality, So He Bankrupted Them

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddi/AITA

The story you’re about to read is quite a tale!

It’s a story of hard work, perseverance…and revenge.

The person explained that their uncle is a doctor from Indian and he decided to go to work in Australia because of a doctor shortage.

Uncle bankrupts his previous employer.

“My uncle is an Indian doctor. In the ’90s there was a massive doctors shortage in Australia so the government gave him citizenship. Unfortunately you still had to sit 3 expensive exams to work as a doctor in Australia.

These exams cost thousands of dollars, only happened twice a year, had limited sitting spots/times and had arbitrary pass/fail marks. So many Indian doctors ended up becoming taxi drivers/small businessmen etc. My uncle decided instead he would reapply and go through Australian medical school. Sure enough being a doctor for 10+years makes medical school easy and my uncle was top of his class.

The uncle changed course and he knew that he’d most likely be treated unfairly in his role as a family physician.

He decided since he was already pushing 40 + had a family, he would apply to become a GP (family physician) instead of applying to be a surgeon like most of his teachers had suggested. At the time many desperate foreign doctors where applying for GP residency. They would essentially get treated like ****. They would be forced to work unpaid overtime.

They would not be given proper study time or leave to sit mandatory exams. They would pocket the meals/accommodation/study/leave allowances that you were supposed to be paid by the training college.

They would roster you to work every Saturday/Sunday shift and if you refused they would give you a bad review and your training would be jeopardised. This mostly happened to foreign doctors as most of them would be in bad debt and highly desperate for any sort of work.

He wasn’t surprised when he landed a job with a medical practice that didn’t treat its employees well…and there were race issues involved, as well.

When my uncle graduated, he applied for GP training in a practice that is located within an Indian ethnic enclave so that he would have access to religious food/schools etc for the kids. Sure enough this practice engaged in all of the above foolishness.

My uncle would work every single Saturday shift. During his dedicated ‘study’ time he would have to come into work. He got reprimanded for not overcharging patients in line with their framework. Worst of all, when my aunt was really sick and hospitalised, they wouldn’t give him any time off to look after her and the kids.

The owner of the clinic was a white GP who was openly ****** against Indians, Asians and Aboriginal people (who were a large percentage of the clientele of this clinic).

He worked through the difficulties and decided to call it quits at the original practice as soon as he could.

My uncle bided his 3 years and as soon as his documentation came through making him a GP, he quit that instant. He went down to the local bank and got a loan to open up his own practice. All his old patients quickly moved with him to the new practice.

The first year he struggled but his practice quickly became known and word spread. Surprise, surprise foreign trained doctors actually work well and care about their patients if you actually care about them and give them appropriate wages/living conditions. More patients and more doctors looked to work with my uncle. Within 2 years my uncle had a GP practice that had 4 doctors, 2 nurses, 2 trainees and a manager.

And he did quite well for himself…but he never forgot those tough years under the white doctor.

His practice easily rivaled his original teachers. He then started 2 more GP practices with the money he was pulling in. These practices trapped his old teachers clinic in a 2 km triangle. He would advertise heavily and make sure he could take as much business from his old teacher as he could.

Within 5 years his old teachers practice went from hiring 6 doctors, 4 nurses and 6 trainees to just 1 doctor (his old teacher) and no one else. His old teacher tried to sell up his practice to other doctors but no one would purchase it given how successful my uncle’s 3 surrounding practices were.

The uncle played the long revenge game and bided his time until he could make sure that his ultimate revenge was complete.

He then tried to sell it to my uncle who refused to buy even at a ridiculously low sale price. Instead he waited for the bank to re-possess his old teachers clinic and then purchased it for a bit more money from the bank.

My uncle then re-purposed the building into his main offices from where he runs his other 3 practices. He made sure to redevelop his old bosses room into a staff toilets just as one final tribute to the human turd that was his old boss.”

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Sounds like this employer deserved exactly what they got.