October 1, 2023 at 4:48 am

‘I couldn’t hang.’ Boyfriend And Girlfriend Go Head To Head In Applebee’s Endless Wing Challenge

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@simply.a.don

Yes, we know you’ve heard about the $12.99 endless wings at Applebee’s.

But how do people keep downing ALL these wings?

Where do they put them all?

The story today concerns a boyfriend and girlfriend who absolutely crush some plates.

Source: TikTok/@simply.a.don

While the guy peruses the menu, his girlfriend tucks into garlic parm and fries – mmmm.

Source: TikTok/@simply.a.don

And then he enjoys spicy honey something wings but then we see his girlfriend on course eight.

Source: TikTok/@simply.a.don

And then he’s on FIFTEEN!


But hey, he wins because she only made it to TWELVE.

But how?!

Source: TikTok/@simply.a.don

Then we see him make it to 38! But it doesn’t seem he’s able to finish that plate.

Here’s the full clip:


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Here’s what folks thought about this couple who WINGED dinner – get it?!

It’s all about the happy buzz!

Source: TikTok/@simply.a.don

Yeah we don’t find the trolls too cute tbh!

Source: TikTok/@simply.a.don

And yes, it IS a bargain but WHO COULD EAT SO MUCH!

Source: TikTok/@simply.a.don

We’re pretty sure that y’all are gonna keep crushing these wings, and we’re here for it!