October 26, 2023 at 9:44 am

‘Everyone’s mad at me saying I’m a traitor.’ This Person Was Told Not To Get Involved With Their Mother’s Facebook Drama, So They Maliciously Complied

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@brett_jordan

Okay, whatever you say!

Sometimes, that’s all you can say when someone demands something of you.

And we like to call that “malicious compliance”.

The person who wrote this story on Reddit was having some issues with their mother over insensitive remarks she was making on Facebook and their dad told them what he thought they should do.

“You’re not to get involved in your mom’s Facebook stuff”.

“My dad’s words years ago when I started a discussion with my mom over some dumb, ****** things she said on Facebook.

Facebook brings out the worst in my mother who in real life used to be a lovely woman but over the years got lost in her echochamber of stupidity.

I tried getting her out but my dad told me, “I’m not to get involved in my mom’s Facebook stuff.”

Things seemed to get especially testy over something going down in this person’s city.

But, like their father told them, they just decided to zip their lip and stay out of it…and then something unexpected happened.

Today there was an illegal protest in my city. A protest organized on Facebook by the lowest of the low of our society.

We have a group of about 100 delusionals in the country who’re actually willing to get from behind their keyboards and disrupt public transport in my city any opportunity they can get in the name of “the people.”

My parents (not a part of the 100 but seem to be well on their way) went to today’s protest, the protest was illegal, they were told to separate and leave, they didn’t, they got arrested. Haha. They didn’t have any form of identification on them so they were not allowed to leave.

And then it was time for dear old dad to choke on his own words.

My dad called for the first time this afternoon asking me to go to their place, pick up the IDs and then the police station.

I asked if this was about the Facebook event, he said yes, I said “I better not get involved then” hung up and ignored his next 17 calls.

My aunt apparently went to pick them up later tonight and everyone’s mad at me saying I’m a traitor except for grandma, who called to say she misses me and I haven’t been able to get the grin of my face.”

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