October 4, 2023 at 3:51 am

‘He burped all the way through supper.’ Full-Grown Son Is Called Out By His Girlfriend For Disgusting Table Manners

by Trisha Leigh

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There are a ton of posts on AITA that are super serious and honestly concerning, but sometimes there’s one that just makes us laugh.

In this case, OP and the rest of us might be laughing, but his son probably isn’t.

He has told his son for years that burping while he eats is disgusting and inappropriate. He has made suggestions for how he can eliminate the behavior.

My son burps a lot while eating. I have tried telling him multiple times that it is rude. I’ve told him that it is disgusting.

I’ve told him to slow down so he doesn’t swallow air with his food.

His wife has enabled the behavior, saying the son can’t help it, but OP knows that he can.

My wife will instantly jump in to defend him. She will say that’s just the way he is and that it’s not his fault.

The thing is he can control himself when I remind him. He just chooses not to.

Recently, the son returned home from a date in which he met his girlfriend’s parents for the first time, nearly in tears. Turns out his girlfriend laid into him about burping during the meal.

He just went on a date with his girlfriend last night and she tore him a new one It was his first time meeting her parents since they live in another city.

They went out to a fancy restaurant and he burped all the way through supper. He came home almost in tears from her chewing him out for behaving like an idiot in front of her family.

OP laughed at him and explained why, but his son and wife think he’s the biggest jerk alive.

I heard him telling my wife about it and I laughed. She asked what was so funny and I reminded them both that I had tried dozens if not hundreds of times to teach him table manners and he rejected them and she protected him. I said that now he is a grown man and he had to learn the hard way.

They both think she overreacted and that I’m the a$$hole for being amused by his experience.

Does Reddit think OP was out of line laughing? Let’s find out!

The top comment says that they hope OP’s son learned a lesson.

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When they found out the kid is 22 they thought it was even funnier.

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They are shocked that no one else has ever mentioned this until now.

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This commenter can’t believe the gf hasn’t addressed this before now.

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It’s a parents’ job to make sure their kids are pleasant to be around.

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This one cracked me up.

I’m sure it wasn’t nearly as amusing for the son, though.