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Couple Agrees To Not Exchange Presents Because She’s Ill And Can’t Work, So He Buys Her An Expensive Handbag And She Has A Seizure

by Ashley Ashbee

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When you get a gift, it can come with two types of baggage: a meaning behind the gift and implications of the gift. In this story, the gift came with both.

No one wants to feel an imbalance of power in a relationship and that’s what happened here when OP bought a major gift for his girlfriend despite their prior agreement to not exchange gifts.

Keep reading to find out how things got even more complicated for this couple.

AITA: I bought my girlfriend a $800 bag and may have caused her to have a seizure

My girlfriend (25F) who worked as a veterinarian nurse has had a rough year.

She was diagnosed with epilepsy 10 years ago but her seizures have suddenly become very frequent and she was told by her doctor that she has to stop working until they can get her epilepsy under control again.

I (28M) didn’t want her to eat through her savings so I have been financially supporting her as I work a decent paying job.

This sound so hard. She probably misses the animals, too.

This has made her incredibly depressed because she loved her job and she hates depending on others.

Uh oh. Good intentions don’t necessarily help you, OP…

This Christmas my girlfriend and I agreed that we weren’t going to be doing gifts.

But after such a crap year, I felt like she deserved something and I decided to go all in and buy her a Coach bag.

So now you can’t return it. I bet she was extra thrilled about that.

I spent $800 on it and i’ve been hiding it from her for two months.

Assumptions were made and perhaps she overreacted, but I can see her point.

I thought she’d be over the moon but this morning I finally surprised her with it and she literally broke down crying and then started yelling at me.

She told me that I was purposely trying to make her look like a s*** partner because she can’t afford to buy me anything and then said that I was treating her like “sugar baby” which I thought was completely ridiculous.

Dude, you never tell a woman she’s being dramatic to try to invalidate her argument. You’re fanning the flames at this point.

I told her she was being dramatic and it’s just a bag, she should be happy.

This argument went on for about an hour before she told me and I quote, “shove the bag up your ***.” and then she called her sister to come pick her up and take her to her parents’.

You’re upset that she was mad, so you got snarky and expected what in return? Roses?

We’ve been together for 6 years and this is the first Christmas we spent without each other so I’ve been upset all day.

I called her repeatedly through the day but she ignored them all so I sent her a snarky text message “Thanks for a great f****** Christmas.”

I think it’s understandable that I’m frustrated.

And then… it happened.

Around an hour ago, my girlfriend’s sister called me to tell me that my girlfriend had a bad seizure and she had to be taken to hospital and then her sister tried to blame ME for it because I “stressed her out.”

Yes, because you’re the first person she’d like to see right now…

I’m honestly that angry about this entire situation and I can’t even see my girlfriend because no visitors are allowed at the hospital due to the restrictions.

This is the worst Christmas ever and it’s all because I bought my girlfriend a present.

AITA here? Because I feel like I’m missing something.

Here’s what the commenters had to say about this.

Indeed, the gift contradicts what she needs right now.

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Bingo. He did this to boost his ego and now it’s bruised. That’s a big blow to toxic masculinity.

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Hard disagree. OP, did you write this?

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Excellent point. It’s symbolic.

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I agree with this one. As she’s often ill, you could do this with her at home if she’d like. A flashy bag reminds you you’re stuck at home and have nowhere to take it.

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I’m glad most people are thoughtful and kind.

But not this guy.

What a loser.