October 16, 2023 at 12:33 am

Here’s A Hack For Buying Two Tickets Together On Ticketmaster When They Won’t Let You

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@benwatkins864

I think we can all agree wholeheartedly that Ticketmaster charges way too much for events and that buying from them can be a major pain in the you-know-what.

And one of the other big complaints about the company besides the outrageous fees they charge customers is trying to buy two seats together in a cluster where three open seats are available, because a lot of folks have had problems with that.

A TikTokker named Ben talked to viewers about a way to get around that issue.

He said, “Have you ever gone on Ticketmaster trying to buy two tickets to a show and wanted to buy two tickets where there were three available, but Ticketmaster wouldn’t let you do it because they didn’t wanna leave one seat? Well, if you have tried that, here’s something you can do to get around the system.”

Source: TikTok/@benwatkins864

Ben showed viewers a Ticketmaster seating chart and said, “So when you have the seating chart open on Ticketmaster you’re gonna click on the section that you wanna sit and if you see there’s three seats available. If you try to select only two of them, it will give you an error, uh oh! You’ve left one seat stranded. So it won’t let you do it.”

Ben said the best method is to “trick” the Ticketmaster website into thinking that you’re interested in buying only one ticket and you can do this buy using the site’s option that lets people hold tickets for a short time while they get their payment ready.

Source: TikTok/@benwatkins864

Ben said that the next step is to open an incognito browsing window, go back to the same event you want to buy tickets for, and select the third unwanted seat that’s clustered by the two you actually want to buy.

The website will now think that someone is actively trying to buy the third seat so when you go back to the original window, you’ll now be able to buy the two seats together with no issues.

Ben said, “So then you can go next, and you can fill out all your payment information during that eight minutes that the other one’s held, and you’ve got your two tickets and then later you just go and x out of this other window and you’re good to go.”

He ended his video by saying, “So next time you need two tickets and there’s a third one getting in your way, try this.”

Source: TikTok/@benwatkins864

Take a look at what he had to say.


If ticketmaster is getting in your way when trying to buy 2 tickets to a show, try this hack! #concert #music #hack

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Source: TikTok/@benwatkins864

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Source: TikTok/@benwatkins864

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Source: TikTok/@benwatkins864

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