October 29, 2023 at 3:43 pm

‘I watched the doors until you came out.’ Creeper Tells Woman Who Came Out Of A Supermarket He’s Been Waiting For Her For An Hour

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@heyitstaystew

This young woman has told of the fears of all women, after a man waits for ONE hour for her to leave a supermarket!

The random guy, years older than her, in his 40s, demands a date and she feels too intimidated to say no so concocts a boyfriend and a plan to get away!

@heyitstaystew posted a really quite terrifying video on TikTok, telling her followers about her experience when she literally just went out of the house to buy groceries in her sweats!

Source: TikTok/@heyitstaystew

She said: “I honestly can’t even believe what just happened to me. So I went to go get groceries and I took about an hour inside the grocery store because I had to get a full order. And before I went in and I had to get parked, I had to park towards the back of the parking lot, which normally I don’t like doing that, but I had no other option, I had to park there.

Source: TikTok/@heyitstaystew

She continued: “So I parked at the back and it’s daylight so I was like, it’s fine, you know? Anyways, so I go in do my thing for like an hour, like I said, and then I come out and I’m putting my groceries away. And this car whips into the spot beside me like to the point I honestly cannot believe they didn’t take my door off. It was so close. Like they went into the spot beside me. And I looked and I was like holy…”

Source: TikTok/@heyitstaystew

It gets better… or, well… worse…

Source: TikTok/@heyitstaystew

“I keep putting my groceries away. Then I hear this deep voice say hello. So immediately my stomach drops and I feel like every woman knows that feeling of just immediate discomfort you know? And I get that pit in my stomach and I get that lump in my throat and I’m like, great. So I turn around and it’s this huge dude. I’m 5ft 10, so I’m pretty tall. This guy was like 6ft 4, huge, probably in his 40s and I just say hi, you know when really I want to say learn how to drive and also leave me alone.”

Source: TikTok/@heyitstaystew

She added: “But anyways, I don’t want to be rude and I’m trying like I said, I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. I guess you could say maybe he’s just I don’t know, but I just didn’t have a good feeling about it. So he continues to say yeah, I saw you go in and then I pulled my car over right away and I waited for you to come out. I watched the doors until you came out.


Source: TikTok/@heyitstaystew

The weirdness continues,

“So now I’m feeling even more uncomfortable because I’m thinking wow, this guy just sat in his car for an hour waiting for me to come out of the grocery store. Okay, so I just kind of give that uncomfortable laugh like huh, you know, and then he goes, I would like for us to get to know each other. He said it like a demand. He didn’t ask it like a question.”

This story goes on but y’all need to watch the video for the full perspective, as it’s important. I’m just glad this young woman got outta there!

Here’s the full clip:


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Here’s what folks thought of this scary encounter:

No, it’s far from okay.

Source: TikTok/@heyitstaystew

And another person thinks he’s been stalking her for a while…

Source: TikTok/@heyitstaystew

And there are some key recommendations…

Source: TikTok/@heyitstaystew

Wow… this was such a creepy story.

Glad she’s okay.