October 21, 2023 at 4:36 am

‘I’m glad it was a happy ending.’ A Family Found Their Missing Dog Underground After A Two-Day Search

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@alexandracorby

This is the kind of feel-good story that all of us need these days!

A family’s three pets dachshunds went missing in the woods near their home and only two of them returned to the house.

The missing pooch, Fred, had the family worried sick and they spent more than two days looking for him, determined to bring him home safely.

Source: TikTok/@alexandracorby

Fred’s family used drain cameras and hearing equipment and eventually were able to detect that Fred was underground.

It seems that Fred dug himself a hole and he ended up getting lost underground because he might have been tunneling.

Source: TikTok/@alexandracorby

The family pinpointed where Fred was and they were ultimately able to dig him out of his hole.

And now he’s back home where he belongs!


Source: TikTok/@alexandracorby

Take a look at the video.


Our minature dachshund went missing 😪 Fortunatley we were able to locate and save him ❤️. Never give up looking…🤧🥰 #dachshund #dogrescue #miniaturedachshund #lostdog #dogsoftiktok #dachshundlife #nevergiveup #helpdogs #savedog #savedogs

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And here’s what people had to say.

This TikTokker got a laugh out of how the dog reacted.

Source: TikTok/@alexandracorby

Another person shared their own dachshund story.

Source: TikTok/@alexandracorby

And this individual was glad that this story had a happy ending.

Source: TikTok/@alexandracorby

I’m glad these two were reunited!

We really don’t deserve dogs, do we?