October 3, 2023 at 6:51 am

‘I had traces of metal in my kidneys, liver and spleen.’ Man Warns Against Using Carbonated Beverages In Yeti Tumblers

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@5dlightshow3

This TikToker has gone viral after claiming a health assessment found trace metal in his body and he believes Yeti metal cups are the reason.

However, there’s no proof this is actually the case.

But whatever’s happened, this guy is really sending out a message!

Source: TikTok/@5dlightshow3

“If you drink carbonated beverages out of these metal Yeti cups, stop immediately…” the guy tells his followers.

We’re all ears!

“I just had a health analysis report done. And it came back that I had traces of metal in my kidneys, liver and spleen,” he said.

The man tells his followers he “knew something was off with me” when “I started twitching in my sleep, uncontrollably”.

Source: TikTok/@5dlightshow3

“In the mornings before work, I’d have this massive brain fog,” he added.

He shared how he started “thinking about these pieces of metal.”

And then he stopped and realised “I’m drinking out of my Yeti cup, a carbonated beverage and I start to notice a metallic taste. It just so happens that carbonation can actually eat the metal,” he said.

Source: TikTok/@5dlightshow3

The man believes drinking carbonated drinks out of the cups for “years” has led to the metal being detected.  There’s nothing to back this up other than this man’s claims.  Yeti are yet to comment.

Watch the full video here:


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This is what y’all had to say:

Some folks think we need to go next level with how we drink our liquids!

Source: TikTok/@5dlightshow3

This guy’s got a good it’s almost Friday plan for his drinking!

Source: TikTok/@5dlightshow3

Some folks think there’s dangers out there everyday anyhow, regardless of the cup we drink from.

Source: TikTok/@5dlightshow3

This really is wild.

Some others in the chat said that Yeti tumblers do come with warnings stating that carbonated beverages shouldn’t be poured in them, so there’s that.

So while we can’t confirm any of this, better to be safe than sorry?