October 20, 2023 at 3:21 pm

‘Only old people who will just panic and they get so angry.’ Woman Shares A Theory About “Boomer Panic” Where Older Folks Freak Out For No Good Reason

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@myexistentialdread

A woman on TikTok has a theory about generational panic, and we’re all ear!

She thinks she has seen a new phenomenon when it comes to Boomers where they just panic out of nowhere when they’re presented with info that they don’t know.

The TikToker says she went to Lowe’s and an older service worker helping at self-checkout went into a “panic” when she couldn’t ring an item up.

Source: TikTok/@myexistentialdread

@myexistentialdread said: “Can someone please explain to me this phenomenon that I’m gonna call Boomer panic, which is when you are in an interaction with anyone who’s a Boomer and they immediately, anytime something is going slightly frustrating… they immediately have to like, scream, preach and like panic.”

I have to admit I personally haven’t seen this behavior but apparently it’s a thing.

Source: TikTok/@myexistentialdread

She added: “I was just at Lowe’s at the self checkout. There’s like an old woman working with self-checkout, like helping people and I had a dowel that didn’t have a price tag on it, whatever. So I ran back and like took a photo of the price tag. I came back and as I was like, walking back towards her, I was like, holding my phone trying.”

Source: TikTok/@myexistentialdread

But she’s not finished.

The poster added: “I had multiple dials and that was the one that didn’t have the price tag on it. And she looks at me and she goes, ‘Oh, no, I don’t know which one it is’ and she starts like panicking and I’m like, It’s okay. Like, because she had already scanned some of them and so I was like, It’s okay, like, and then I was like, ‘Do you need to scan this one again ?’  And she was like… like screechie panicking for no reason. Like, it’s like, I’m not upset. I’m just trying to work with her like I’m not mad you know.

Source: TikTok/@myexistentialdread

She said: “I’m the one that brought it down at that price tag. I’ve only experienced this with the boomers never anyone else. Only old people who will just panic and they get so angry.”


All I’m saying is she’s kind of lot herself… but maybe she has a point?

Watch the full like clip here:


Like its not that serious😅 #boomers #karen

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Here’s what people thought of this generational divide at the grocery store:

Apparently this is a younger people belief…

Source: TikTok/@myexistentialdread

One poster even says her mom has boomer panic…

Source: TikTok/@myexistentialdread

And another poster with parents who apparently can’t problem solve.  Bet they don’t say ‘like’ for every other word, though…

Source: TikTok/@myexistentialdread

Seems like everybody’s got some anxiety when they get older.

Things are changing… and none of us can stop it.

Feel better?

You’re welcome.