October 1, 2023 at 9:54 am

‘She started laughing and told our parents to tell me I was adopted.’ Woman Finds Out A Family Secret During A Petty Sibling Argument. Is She Wrong For Being Angry?

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

There is no shame in being adopted or in adopting children, but sadly, there are apparently some people in the world who still think the word is somehow an insult.

OP grew up the youngest of 4 (two sisters and one brother) and though she got along with them for the most part, her youngest sister was always something of a brat.

I (22f) am I the youngest of 4 siblings (30m 28f 25f). My life was as normal as it could get. Normal parents who were supportive and sometimes had arguments etc etc.

My two oldest siblings loved me but usually talked more with my other sis as she was more outgoing, talkative n all ( I am much more introverted and don’t like talking much).

My sister (25f) n me never saw eye to eye though.

Still, when she would laugh and tease OP about being adopted she brushed it off as something all siblings say to one another at some point.

We all always had fights but she would often say how I was adopted so I couldn’t relate to her n all. I always brushed it off as a joke cuz everyone says that to their siblings.

Recently, the family was together for the bratty sister’s birthday and when OP chastised the sister for her inconsiderate behavior, the whole story came out – and it turns out OP was actually adopted.

Yesterday we had a family dinner for her birthday with my brother and my eldest sister. My other sis was talking about how her boyfriend had brought a bouquet of different types of daisies ( which picked out early in the morning to surprise her it seems) and how she was irritated that he didn’t spend on an elegant bouquet instead ( It wasn’t as professionally made) For context he has brought her other presents as well.

I commented on how she should be happy he personally picked out flowers for her and she EXPLODED.

She commented on how I’ll be sooo happy with something super cheap cuz that’s where I came from and I asked her what she meant.

She started laughing and told our parents to tell me I was adopted.

They and my siblings tried to shut her up but she just went on and on and I asked my parents if it was true. They just looked at each other and I got to know the truth.

She excused herself, not because she has a problem being adopted but because her parents have lied to her about it all this time, and isn’t sure where to go from here.

I told them to excuse my and just went back home. I couldn’t process how they hid it from me. I do not mind being adopted and don’t really care I’m not biologically theirs but the fact they hid it from me hurts.

I got a text from my sis after 2 hrs on how I make all situations to be about myself and how I stole her limelight on her birthday.

So Reddit AITA? I don’t feel like I am but my parents still haven’t responded to my texts.

I hope Reddit has some good advice because this is a tough one!

The top comment says the sister AND the parents are the jerks, not OP.

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They’re not sure the way her family handled things is really fixable.

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This person can’t imagine the betrayal OP must be feeling.

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This commenter is giving OP some hope, though.

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And btw, sister ruined her own birthday with her nonsense.

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I feel badly for this poor girl, for sure.

Hopefully she’s able to salvage at least one relationship from her childhood.