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‘The husband laughed out loud, the woman stormed off.’ She Got Hilarious Revenge On A Female Customer Who Only Wanted Help From A Man

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

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You want a man to help you? No problem! One will clock in soon.

“When I was about 20 years old, I was a department manager in a big box hardware store. People said I acted 25, but I didn’t even look 18.

As a young female, I saw my fair amount of gender discrimination, but the worst always came from women. This is the story of one such woman.

I managed the paint department. I had three associates who worked for me. They loved me as a boss because I bought them a department radio, took the shifts they didn’t want. (worked Friday close and Saturday mid so my two younger guys could have time to have fun on Friday nights and the older gentleman took early Saturday mornings so they could sleep off their fun. In trade, I gave the older gentleman his ideal schedule.) My team was awesome.

One day I was in the department alone and a lady came up and asked me where she could find the five gallon oil based primer. I let her know that my location didn’t carry the five gallon size of that primer. She told me that we did and said that it was shelved “right there” while suggesting I was too stupid to remember. (Her husband gave me an apologetic look.)

I let her know that another location had what she was looking for and that it was in fact in that exact location in that store. She let me know how stupid she thought I was for thinking she could mix up stores. Then, she began yelling and loudly insisting that I get a MAN out there to help her because she wanted someone competent and not a stupid little girl.

Her husband actually tried to step in at that point but I just smiled and let her know that a male paint associate would be clocking in any minute and that I would be happy to direct him to her as soon as he is on the clock.

I smiled and waited for Joe to clock in. Joe was great and I knew he could handle this or I wouldn’t have put him in this situation, but Joe was also new. He was learning things super quick, but still relied on the rest of us for help.

When I saw Joe walking up, I quickly said that there was a customer who needed help. I let him know that she was upset and asked him to do his best to answer her questions.

Joe walked up to the lady.

She said, “Finally, a man!”

She asked her question, explained where the product SHOULD BE, and waited.

Joe calmly let her know that he had never seen us carry five gallon size of oil based primer, but said he could check with the paint department manager.

She was happy and loudly said she was happy to be getting some REAL help.

Joe walked up to me and started to ask me about five gallon oil based primers.

The lady quickly walked up and asked him what he was doing.

He turned and said, “This is my manager. She runs this department.”

The husband laughed out loud, the woman stormed off, and I bought Joe lunch!”

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Why are people like this? As if knowing something about paint has anything to do with gender?

People suck sometimes.