October 13, 2023 at 12:17 pm

The Sphere In Las Vegas Is The World’s Largest LED Screen, Cost $2.3 Billion To Build And Is More Impressive Than People Every Could Have Imagined

by Matthew Gilligan

TikTokSphere The Sphere In Las Vegas Is The Worlds Largest LED Screen, Cost $2.3 Billion To Build And Is More Impressive Than People Every Could Have Imagined

It’s finally here!

I’m talking about The Sphere, a state-of-the-art music arena in Las Vegas that officially opened on September 29, 2023 with a performance by U2.

And this place looks insane!

Lucky for us, every single person on the planet has a camera phone so folks who weren’t able to make it got an insider’s view of the arena’s technological capabilities from people who went to the opening shows.

The Sphere is a circular theater with the world’s largest LED screen that wraps around the entire audience.

Here’s a video from opening night.

Here’s another video from inside The Sphere of U2’s opening weekend.

Here’s a view of the arena from the outside that shows you how the building can change its appearance.

@realestatefornoobs It’s definitely the coolest new building on the #lasvegasstrip #lasvegassphere #thesphere #u2sphere #realestatehistory #vegasconstruction #msgsphere ♬ original sound – Derek

Here’s another impressive video of the exterior.

@mamontov_artist Wooow! the Las Vegas sphere was stolen?! #msgsphere #lasvegas #lasvegassphere #vegassphere #vfx #cgi #3danimation ♬ оригинальный звук – Mamontov_artist

And here’s another sample of the various backgrounds and experiences the fans got a taste of at the U2 shows.

@screenshothq Replying to @Robert Phillips307 U2 launched their Las Vegas residency in a show that amazed fans with the largest LED screen in the world at the official first concert in the MSG Sphere! The $2.3bn venue made its public debut and is living up to the hype! A-listers like Jon Hamm, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Lovine, Dr. Dre, Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Banks, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, Josh Duhamel and Jane Seymour were all in attendance to witness the mind-blowing immersive experience on friday night🙌 #msgsphere #lasvegas #lasvegassphere #u2 #concert ♬ Epic Music(863502) – Draganov89

And you better believe that people shared their thoughts about The Sphere online.

This person seems pretty impressed by The Sphere.

Another social media user wants to see Taylor Swift play the arena.

But some folks were a little overwhelmed by The Sphere.

This person is impressed, but doesn’t think they’ll be going there any time soon.

I have a feeling this person isn’t going anywhere near this place.

And one person thinks The Sphere has a bit of a dystopian vibe.

This thing is truly amazing.

I gotta book a flight to Vegas to see it for myself!