October 6, 2023 at 11:42 am

‘They walked in on my roommate on the toilet.’ A Woman Said State Inspectors Came Into Her House Without Warning And People Wonder If They Broke The Law

by Matthew Gilligan

TikTokTNInspection They walked in on my roommate on the toilet. A Woman Said State Inspectors Came Into Her House Without Warning And People Wonder If They Broke The Law

Talk about an invasion of privacy…

A Tennessee resident named Allee posted a video on TikTok and told viewers about her frightening and intrusive experience with two state inspectors who came into her home without any notice.

Allee said, “I, along with my roommate, were abruptly woken up by a woman in our house that we had never met before. She was banging on our doors, marching up our stairs, yelling. I mean yelling, banging, ‘Inspection! Inspection!’”

She said she was asleep when it happened and was shocked to find two strangers in her house.

Allee recounted the incident and said, “She didn’t show ID, she didn’t say who she worked for, she didn’t even say her name. She didn’t say hello. She didn’t say good morning. Nothing. Walked right past me as she was exiting my bedroom she goes, ‘Don’t worry, has nothing to do with you.’ I’m sorry who do you work for? I was shocked. There was a man that was like 60s with white hair with a clipboard with her.”

She said the two workers also barged into her roommate’s bedroom and bathroom, where she was sitting on the toilet with headphones on.

Source: TikTok/@alleeapplegate

Allee said, “My roommate had just gotten back from the gym or was going to the gym so she had her…headphones on and she couldn’t hear her. They walked in on my roommate on the toilet and doesn’t even like oh, oops, sorry, nope, opens the door, she’s on the toilet, this woman takes a photo of the vanity to the right-hand side of the toilet, laughs, doesn’t say sorry and leaves.”

She added, “My blood is boiling just talking about it my blood is boiling. Who the **** do you think you are in my house at 9 am on a Tuesday taking pictures of our bathrooms?”

Source: TikTok/@alleeapplegate

She said she doesn’t know how the people got into her home and she got in touch with her building’s leasing office.

Allee added, “I’m out for blood. I want her fired and I want compensation. And I’m going to go buy a *** because I should have pointed a gun at her…I didn’t know who she was, where she came from what her name was, nothing…I could have been put in danger, she could have been put in danger had I had a ***.”

Source: TikTok/@alleeapplegate

Take a look at the video to hear her story.


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Here’s how people responded.

One viewer said the landlord should have given advance notice about this.

Source: TikTok/@alleeapplegate

Another individual said they think the landlord was supposed to be there, too.

Source: TikTok/@alleeapplegate

And this TikTokker said the inspector needs to be fired.

Source: TikTok/@alleeapplegate

Seriously… these people need to be fired.

This story is insane!