October 1, 2023 at 2:18 am

‘When we were leaving… it beeped.’ Woman Found A Security Tag Under Her Steaks And Grocery Workers Admit It’s Happening Everywhere

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@chupachan

This woman went to Walmart to get steaks and was shocked to find security tags under the label!

“I went to Walmart to get steaks, don’t ask how much it was…” she tells her followers.

Source: TikTok/@chupachan

She adds that she was innocently doing all her meal prep, no doubt for a hungry family.

And she was about to whack those juicy steaks on the pan when…

Source: TikTok/@chupachan

She discovered a security tag on the bottom of the pack!

Shoplifters of the world… you better be careful out there!

Source: TikTok/@chupachan

Watch the full clip here:


like I know it was expensive but god damn! just trying to treat myself!#walmart #securitytag

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Folks responded and explained that steaks are now a high ticket item for thieves.

The woman admitted yes, they were pricey but she really wanted a treat and they were delish!

Source: TikTok/@chupachan

And this woman tells how thieves have been stocking up on meat!

Source: TikTok/@chupachan

This grocery store worker admits that shoplifters are going crazy for steaks!

Source: TikTok/@chupachan

The shoplifting is crazy, but if we didn’t have so many self checkouts, we probably wouldn’t be dealing with this as much.

The world is cray right now.