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‘This isn’t even a skirt, it’s a skort.’ Girl Gets Hilarious Revenge On Unfair School Dress Code Violation That Allowed Cheerleaders To Wear Short Skirts

by Trisha Leigh

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A lot of people probably attended schools that had the tradition of cheerleaders and sports teams wearing their uniforms to school before Friday night games.

A lot of those same schools had dress codes that cheerleading skirts violated, but everyone shrugged and looked the other way. OP never thought much about it until she kept getting hassled about the length of her sundresses late in the summer.

Waaaaay back in 2013 I was a sophomore in high school, and there was a tradition that on fridays, the cheerleaders, football players (without their pads of course) band members, and the other groups performing wore their uniforms to class.

This wasn’t a written tradition, and only the cheerleaders and dance team’s uniforms broke “dress code”, nobody really batted an eye to it.

I wasn’t a skirt person, but I liked dresses once and a while (once IN a while sorry). As one can tell by my user, I grew up in Texas, and it’s still significantly hot in August/September.

So one time while wearing a casual sundress in September, I was pulled out of class and reprimanded because the end of my dress was 4 inches above the knee, when the dress code said no shorter than 2.

When pointed out the discrepancy, she was told those were official school uniforms and therefore allowed.

I pointed out the cheerleaders and dance teams uniforms every Friday and how they reached mid thigh at their longest, but was told that was okay because “students can wear official school uniforms”. And was sent home to change.

OP decided she wasn’t backing down on this and so wore her official golf uniform to school the next Friday.

Clearly, somehow someone had forgotten I was on the golf team. Immediately my mind was turning to the next Friday.

The school had recently upgraded the golf team uniforms the year prior, and the girls team uniforms consisted of a short sleeve collared polo shirt, and a skort. If you don’t know what a skort is, it’s essentially a skirt and short shorts combined.

It looks like a skirt, but they essentially act like built in bike shorts, and these were SHORT, I’d argue shorter than the average cheerleader skirt.

So that next Friday (about 3 days later) to my parents surprise, I was ready to go that morning in my golf uniform, as compared to taking a bag to keep the clothes in to change into after school.

But I just said “Fridays, we can wear our uniforms to class”, and they accepted without question and took me to school.

When she was sent to the office the principal read her the riot act – at least until OP pointed out she was wearing an official school uniform.

Well by second period, I was sent to the office yet again and the first thing the assistant principal asked me was why I would “deliberately disobey her right after our last conversation” and threatened in school suspension, I’ll never get anywhere in life by not listening, yada yada yada.

When I finally had a chance to get a word in, I said “but this is my school golf uniform” and I pointed to our schools logo that was sewn into my polo shirt.

“You said students can wear official school uniforms to class, why are the cheerleader uniforms okay and mine isn’t? This isn’t even a skirt, it’s a skort, it has pants!”

She was told to sit in the lobby and think about what she’ done, which OP knew was code for the principal needing time to call her parents.

I still remember how angry off she was. She stared me down for what seemed like a millennia. Then she snapped and told me to get out of her office, and go sit in the lobby area.

That I knew what she meant and she would be calling my parents about this blatant disrespect. So I waited and played on my iPod and chatted with the nice secretary, trying to keep myself distracted, because in reality I had been really trying not to cry.

I had massive anxiety when it came to authority, but I still had my naive sense of injustice, and I didn’t just want to let this go.

So, when she was told to go back to class, she was surprised.

After about 20 minutes, she popped her head out and in a very monotone voice, told me I could go back to class and to let teachers know I had gotten permission from the front office to wear my uniform. Then she went back in and closed the door before I could even think to respond.

I spent the rest of my day dealing with teachers questioning me about my outfit and 1 or 2 calling the front office to double check my claim that I had in fact gotten permission, and went to practice after school as normal before being carpooled back home.

When she got home, she learned that her father had her back.

My dad met me at the front door with a small smirk and I asked him what in the world happened because I knew he was the go-to contact for my school, so I knew she called him.

He explained that when she called and tried to get him to come to the school and get me and talked about punishments for my insubordination, he immediately began to argue with her and admitted he raised his voice quite a bit, asking why I wasn’t allowed to wear my sport uniform that the school provided to me as a dress requirement at my golf practice, and mentioned taking this all the way to the school board and resolving this “obvious favoritism”.

He then asked me not to do that again, but that he was proud of me, and told me “I know I had told you never to start a fight, but to always fight back, I always thought physically, but you sure took the advice.”

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